The Complete Travel Guide to Paros Greece – What to do in Paros

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This post is all about what to do in Paros + the Complete Paros Greece travel guide.

what to do in paros

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Paros is a must-do on your Greek island-hopping itinerary.

Much like one of my other favorite islands, Ios, it offers the beauty, cuisine, and culture that many famous islands do but without breaking the bank and fighting crowds.

This is a true greek-island getaway that will not disappoint. If you don’t believe me, just check out these stunning photos of Paros.

Where to Stay

Parikia or Naoussa are where you’ll want to stay.

Parikia is cheaper and more authentic. Best for longer stays, backpackers, and budget travelers.

Naoussa is considered the main touristy part of the island. Best for short stays, main tourist points, and luxury hotels.

Regardless of where you stay, the bus system is great so it’s very easy to get around the island. Alternatively, you can rent a car.

I personally stayed at Paros Backpackers in Parikia and loved it.

$ – Paros Backpackers

$$ – Hotel Christina

$$$ – Saint Andrea Seaside Resort

How Long to Stay

There is more to do in Paros than you think!

For quick stops, 2 days would work.

If you want to explore all the villages, beaches, and hikes, prepare to stay 4 days.

What to Wear

Paros is best explored when it’s warm. Stick to planning your trip in early May-September and pack light and flowy clothing.

Check out my post outfits for Greece.

The Ultimate Paros Greece Checklist

I’ve created the ultimate Paros Checklist Printable here just for you! Bring this on your trip so you don’t miss a thing.

Still building your Greece itinerary? Check out my other Greece posts here.

What to do in Paros Greece

Looking for what to do in Paros? Here are 14 things to do in Paros.

1. Paros Park

An adventurer’s haven. With 800 acres of protected seaside, you’ll find hidden coves, hiking paths, secret beaches, and a lighthouse.

I hiked to the lighthouse to watch the sunset and it was the highlight of my trip!

what to do in paros

2. Santa Maria Beach

A beach lovers’ paradise! Santa Maria beach is one of the most commercialized and popular beaches in Paros. It offers sunbeds, beach bars, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters.

3. Naoussa

Naoussa is the most popular village in Paros. With its stone alleys and vibrant flowers, it’s easy to see why Naoussa is one of the biggest tourist hot spots on the island

In the center of Naoussa, you will find many hotels, bars, shops, and restaurants.

4. Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church

Located in Parikia, this beautiful monastery is one of the best paleo Christian structures in all of Greece. Legend has it, the church was constructed by Saint Constantine.

5. Kolymbithres Beach

Kolymbithres offers a unique beach experience. This beach is known for its large boulders and unusual rock formations.

what to do in paros

6. Naoussa Old Port

Stroll alongside the old port of Naoussa where you can see the fisherman, boats, and seaside restaurants.

what to do in paros

7. Parikia

Parikia town is my favorite village on the island. It offers cheaper prices, more authentic Greek culture, and nightlife.

8. Party at the Dubliner

By far the best club on the island! This is where the backpackers and locals go to have a crazy night out.

9. Antiparos

Right next door is an island called Antiparos.

Antiparos is a tiny little island that has shops, beaches, and restaurants.

There are boats that depart from Parikia and will take you to the island in under 20 minutes. Antiparos makes a perfect day trip.

10. Lefkes

Once the capital of the island in the middle ages, Lefkes is a small village that is worth a visit. Grab an ice cream from the town center and walk around the picturesque village.

11. Dinner at Little Green Rocket

Little Green Rocket is my favorite restaurant in Paros. Located in Parikia, this waterfront restaurant offers fresh dishes that blend Mediterranean and Asian flavors.

12. Antiparos Caves

If you are looking to spend a full day in Antiparos, visit the Cave of Antiparos. This cave is filled with interesting stalagmite formations.

13. Go to a Beach Club

Beach clubs are popular! I went to Punda beach club and enjoyed cocktails, sunbeds, pools, and the sea.

14. Watch a Sunset

Obviously, you can’t visit a Greek island without capturing a stunning sunset! Some of the best spots to see the sunset are rooftops, beaches, or the Paros Park Lighthouse.

Have an awesome getaway and be sure to save this post for your trip.

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