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Coco Tulum is a line of four beautiful boutique hotels in Tulum, Mexico. After searching high and low for the most relaxing and budget-friendly hotel in all Tulum, I found that Coco Tulum Limited was the perfect Tulum Hotel Getaway.

How to get to Tulum from Cancun

There are a couple of options for transportation from Cancun airport to Tulum. There is a bus you can take or other shared-ride options. For the bus, you can find more info here.

Trust me, anything you book in advance from your hotel in Tulum will be cheaper than the rip off-airport options. Don’t pay more than $102 each way! Don’t forget to tip around $10-$20 as well.

hotel in Tulum Mexico
hotel in Tulum Mexico

Boutique Hotel Stays in Tulum, Mexico

There are an overwhelming amount of really nice options for lodging in Tulum. Ultimately, my choices were narrowed down to Papaya Playa Project ($$$), Mezzanine Colibri Boutique Hotel ($$), and Coco Limited ($$). We chose Coco Limited and had a fantastic stay.

hotel in Tulum Mexico

Our Experience at Coco Limited Tulum

Overall, our stay at the Coco Limited property out of the four Coco Tulum hotels was incredible. The biggest issue we had was our room did flood a couple of times during storms and we had no assistance or were offered to switch rooms. Aside from this, our stay was nearly perfect!

hotel in Tulum Mexico

Coco Limited – The Rooms

We stayed in The Jungle View Private Bath and really enjoyed the stunning minimalistic chic décor. The room is gloriously basic and has everything you need to for a relaxing beach vacation. Less really is more!

hotel in Tulum Mexico
hotel in Tulum Mexico
hotel in Tulum Mexico

Coco Tulum Beach Club & Bar

Coco Tulum’s private beach truly blew me away. Out of all the hotels and beaches I’ve ever been to, their beach setup is my all-time favorite. The beach was extremely clean and well taken care of. The cozy beach beds were plentiful and complete with umbrellas and side tables free for anyone.

It was quiet, relaxing, totally beachfront, and has a tasty beach bar and bedside service. Just take a look at how dreamy their private beach is!

hotel in Tulum Mexico

Talk about lunch with a view!

We ate at the beach bar every day for breakfast and lunch, and the food and drinks were outstanding. This guacamole was my favorite dish at the Coco Tulum Beach Bar. The guac was insanely fresh and the tomatoes and chips were to die for. I highly recommend getting a bottle of crisp white wine to compliment your dish.

hotel in Tulum Mexico

Breakfast is complimentary (unless you upgrade) but the complimentary choices were fantastic, we had no desire for anything else.

Nearby Restaurants

Although the food at Coco Tulum was delicious, we did want to venture out to some nearby restaurants. There are some AMAZING dining experiences just within walking distance from the hotel.

Posada Margherita – CASH ONLY!

Everything about this place is stunning; The atmosphere, the food, the view. It’s one of my favorite dining experiences I’ve indulged in. While some of their dishes (mainly the homemade pasta) can be a bit pricey, it’s very much worth it if you can splurge. However, there are cheaper dishes as well like their pizza!

Wow, that view!

hotel in Tulum Mexico
hotel in Tulum Mexico

Unfortunately, it started pouring down rain so we moved inside to dine. But the inside was beautifully detailed and decorated, I was happy to enjoy both atmospheres the restaurant had to offer.

hotel in Tulum Mexico

Parole Tulum

Parole Tulum was another delicious and charming dining experience. How gorgeous is their entrance??

hotel in Tulum Mexico
hotel in Tulum Mexico

We enjoyed caprese salads, pasta, and of course a birdcage of desserts! The service at this restaurant was absolutely incredible. The servers were very attentive.

The Perfect Relaxing Trip we Needed.

Overall, we had a fantastic time lounging on the beach and staying at Coco Tulum Limited! We were looking for a hotel that was affordable, relaxing, and delicious and it completely exceeded our expectations. If anyone is looking for a hotel for their trip to Tulum, Mexico I would highly recommend the Coco Tulum boutique hotels.

hotel in Tulum Mexico

Thanks for reading, and I hope this post will help you find some budget-friendly quality options for a hotel in Tulum, Mexico!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful stay at this hotel, minus the flooding. The beach looks gorgeous and the food so delicious. I’d love to stay there too if I’ll go back to Tulum.

  2. Great post! I was supposed to go this month, but had to cancel unexpectedly. Hope to make it soon. Looks so amazing there. Pinning so I have this guide when I get to reschedule.

  3. I would love this! I could see Jarred and I even having a super laidback honeymoon here!
    Thanks for the post- I love all the informative 🙂

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