31 Unique Travel Decor Ideas for Your Wanderlust-Inspired Home

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For years, I’ve scoured the globe searching for the best unique travel decor ideas. Throughout my adventures, I’m constantly in awe of cutting-edge architecture and detail-focused interior design in all corners of the world.

My personal background is distinctive, as I work half of the year traveling for this blog, and the other half working in set design on some of your favorite television shows and movies.

For me, traveling is an essential part of creating a memorable design – as my mind catalogs noteworthy spaces I’ve adored throughout my travels like the Indochina-decorated cafes in Vietnam or the twinkling lanterns lining the alleys of Tokyo.

If you’re so travel-obsessed that you need to be surrounded by the spirit of wanderlust, you’re in the right place. From dreamy coastal California rugs to Japanese floral paintings, I’ve compiled 31 unique travel decor ideas to help you bring a little adventure to your living space.

Here are 31 Unique Travel Decor Ideas for your Home.

travel decor ideas

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Jungle Theme Interior Design Ideas

Dreaming of your next tropical getaway? Or are you already reminiscing about that dreamy Tulum vacation you’ve just returned from? Here’s how you can reimagine your home into a jungle-lovers paradise.

1. Jungle Chic

Elevate your new oasis with statement wallpaper and complement it with tan and white accents. If you have multiple walls, choose the wall that’s the main point of view when someone walks into the room. Greenery wallpaper is a stunning and sophisticated way to welcome that calming jungle breeze that everyone craves.

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travel decor ideas

2. Boho Tulum Room Decor

For the Tulum goers who are young at heart. Details are key for this boho Tulum-style aesthetic. Start with rattan side tables, woven light fixtures and blankets, and loads of fairy lights. Oh and don’t forget the plants!

3. Green & Pink Jungle Aesthetic

Get funky with your jungle paradise with unique wallpaper and pink furnishings. This jungle design is so fun and is the very essence of a girly jungle oasis. Throw in creative light fixtures and plants to take this look to the next level.

French Style Decor

These tres chic Parisian home decor ideas will have all your house guests saying “Oui oui!”

If your Pinterest looks anything like mine, it’s absolutely covered in Parisian-style decor ideas. But hey, I love it! I’ve been a fan of the golden arch mirrors, candle holders, and white accents long before Emily in Paris came around.

4. White & Gold French Fireplace

Minimalistic is the key word for achieving French-style decor. Although it “looks” expensive, we can totally fake it with these Amazon finds, right?

While it may seem difficult to create that crisp and effortless Parisian apartment aesthetic, it’s very simple. Find a few statement pieces like this gold mirror or white statue and complement them with smaller details.

A few things you likely already have at home are nice perfume bottles, candles, or coffee table books.

5. Parisian Style Living Room

I know what you’re thinking, THIS looks expensive. But again, it’s all in the details.

The focal point of this Parisian interior design setup is the large gold mirror in the center. However, all the details surrounding are inspiring neutral prints and gold accents. Mix your favorite pops of color with other accessories to tie it all together.

6. French Style Vanity

Get the “It Girl” French Style Vanity with this simple set-up. Again with that statement golden mirror! A simple desk and a chic white chair will complete the look.

Wanderlust Decor

Whether you’re dreaming of places to go or simply want to remember your favorite vacation, here are some wanderlust-style home decor ideas.

7. Travel Wallpaper

For the work-from-home or studious globetrotters. A sleek office design will keep you curious even while you’re working. All it takes is enchanting world map wallpaper or large print to inspire this room.

8. Travel Gallery Wall

I love a travel-inspired gallery wall! I actually have a few of these in my apartment. Pick your favorite destination and search for prints or use your own to create your own gallery wall.

Form one large group of prints or canvases on one wall or create several spread out around your home. I’m waiting for a few more prints and canvases from Photowall to complete my gallery wall idea and I can’t wait!

9. Black & White Simple Travel Room Decor

I’ve seen variations of “Departures Prints” and canvases before, but this gallery black & white travel design is the perfect way to tie all the prints together. Add other muted accessories like black & white travel prints, globes, or vintage cameras.

travel decor ideas

10. Wooden World Map Wall

Pin your favorite vacation photos and quotes on this gorgeous wooden world map. This wanderlust decor style doesn’t need much else, as this map speaks for itself!

Moroccan Home Decor

Moroccan-inspired homes might just be my favorite. With twinkle-lit lanterns and bright accents, Morrocan home decor will make you feel like you’re relaxing in a riad or getting lost in the medina.

11. Outdoor Moroccan Courtyard

Give your outdoor courtyard or pool an Arabian makeover with charming hanging lamps and decorative tassel cushions & blankets.

12. Berber Style Rug

Berber tribes roam the Sahara, highly skilled in many different trades like working with camels, nomadic desert lifestyle, and intricate crafts and rugs.

A Berber rug is highly sought after in Western countries because they are colorful, unique, and hand-woven ones are truly one of a kind.

13. Moroccan Living Room Ideas

Antiques and trinkets are perfect to collect when styling a Moroccan living room.

Lamps, colorful rugs, and neutral cushions will bring this Moroccan home idea to life.

Scandinavian Style Home Design

Scandinavian and Nordic Styles have become increasingly stylish over the years. Understandably so, due to the efficiency and calming presence Scandimvavian styles can bring into a space. They’re sleek, modern, and practical – all while managing to be trendy.

14. Scandinavian Living Room

This Scandinavian living room design is perfect because it has that sleek & clean feel but doesn’t come across as boring. Stick to neutrals with a minimal pop of color to achieve this smart design.

15. Orange & White Abstract

Noticing an orange and white theme with Scandinavian-style interiors? Create a fun mid-century twist with abstract prints and unique accessories.

16. Mid-Century Nordic Home Decor

Norwegians are all about keeping it interesting and simple. This swanky mirror paired with mid-century staples will pull off this Nordic home design beautifully.

Southwestern Style Home Decor Ideas

Embrace your inner desert goddess with painted neutrals and loads of sunlight. Southwestern decor and desert-inspired pieces have taken the internet by storm. I must admit, I personally have an abstract desert-influenced gallery wall in my own apartment and I’m obsessed with it.

17. Desert Living Room Decor With Gallery Wall

Desert Decor Ideas shot to fame a few years back with the rise of Southwestern glamorous vacations like glamping in Moab or chic hotel getaways in Sedona.

It’s easy to love desert decor when Etsy is filled with so many dazzling desert prints that can spruce up any ordinary white wall in seconds.

18. Desert Bedroom Idea

Get creative with this groovy desert-themed bedroom. Design your room with these decorative wall baskets in addition to succulents, cacti, and throw pillows to embellish this look.

travel decor ideas

19. Colorful Southwestern Blend

Transform your bedroom into a colorful southwestern oasis. Adding ceramic vases, wicker mirrors, and a stylish nightstand are just a few ways to enhance your southwestern aesthetic space.

travel decor ideas

Italian Decor Ideas

Convert your home into a Positano paradise or a Lake Como cottage. Italians are all about classic, simple, and oh-so-effortlessly stylish.

Depending on the Italian region you’re hoping to reflect in your interior design, you can incorporate colors that pop with mismatched details or stick to a comfortable farmhouse style.

20. Italian Cottage Aesthetic

Create this cozy Italian cottage look with splurges of color and your favorite antique decor.

21. Italian Farmhouse Style

It’s all about rustic staples and collectibles with this Italian farmhouse-style home.

Style your kitchen with a crafted wooden table, wicker baskets, and detailed antiques like unique teacups or salt and pepper shakers.

22. Tuscan Style Bathrooms

Tuscan-style home decor is all the rage on Pinterest! Create your ideal bathroom with elegant vases, botanical prints, and gold accents.

Spanish Revival Decor

Spanish Home Decor means we’re taking a deep dive into all things tiles and terracotta.

Combine arched doorways and dark wood with stunning tiled patterns and minimalistic decors such as clay pots or simple light fixtures.

23. Spanish Colonial Interior Walkway

Welcome visitors into your Spanish colonial-style home with this light & airy entry. Notice the warm color palette details with the orange rug & wooden elements.

24. Tile Print Walls

This stylish bathroom wall reflects that gorgeous Spanish design tiled look. Mix a creative wall print with clay vases and arched mirrors to achieve a look similar to the one below.

travel decor ideas

25. Cozy Spanish Home Decor

Adding cozy details like these auburn throw blankets or decorative ottomans is a great way to get that Cozy Southwestern look in your home.

Coastal Home Decor

If you’re searching for that nostalgic seaside feeling, here are inspiring coastal home decor ideas. Coastal home decor can be an effortless and chic way to create that beach vibe you crave.

26. Beach Themed Bedroom

Dedicated beach lover? Here’s everything you need to style your modern coastal-themed bedroom.

27. Beach House Dining Room

Complete this beach house dining room aesthetic with a rattan chandelier, coastal abstract prints, and other chic details like this minimalistic vase.

28. Coastal Living Room

Pour yourself a glass of wine and feel the sea breeze. Calming neutrals and comforting details define this relaxing coastal living room design.

Asian Home Decor

Obsessed with Asian home decor? Asia is king when it comes to designing a beautifully calming space to call home. With every color and detail having meaning and being placed so carefully, it’s obvious to see how Asian cultures are world leaders in cutting-edge architecture and design.

29. Asian Home Decor Accessories

Asian home decor is intricate and specialized. Every detail is a moment of its own. Enhance your space with colorful pillows and interesting accessories.

30. Asian Decor Living Room

Fully embrace an Asian-inspired living room with this stunning print and exotic plants.

31. Colorful Modern Asian Inspired Living Room

Blend modern design with Asian accents to create this gorgeous Asian-inspired living room. Combine the wooden furniture you already have with dark green trinkets and paintings.

I hope you’ve found these 31 travel decor ideas helpful to style your wanderlust paradise. There’s truly no wrong way to incorporate travel decor into your living space, whether it’s displaying your favorite souvenirs on a bookshelf or transforming your bedroom into the Palace of Versailles!

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  1. My home is a mix of items I have picked up ‘along the way’, plus canvases of my best travel photos. I do have one of those Moroccan ottomans that I picked up in Fes.

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