7 Amazing Things You Must Do In Paphos Cyprus

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This post is all about things to do in Paphos.

things to do in Paphos Cyprus

About Paphos

Paphos is a coastal city in Southwest Cyprus. It’s a wonderful beach vacation destination, especially for couples and families. Paphos is known for its archaeological sights, Aphrodite attractions, pristine beaches, and delicious wine & olives.

Where to stay in Paphos

$ – Katka Hostel Paphos

$$ – Axiothea Hotel

$$$ – Elysium Hotel

How Long to Stay

Three days in Paphos is the perfect amount of time.

Cyprus Essentials

Here is the ultimate list of things you can’t leave Paphos without doing.

1. Harbor & Port

The harbor is great to walk in the day and evening. It’s one of the busiest spots featuring a boardwalk filled with restaurants, bars, and a historic castle.

things to do in paphos

2. SODAP Beach

There are many beaches to choose from to spend your beach day. After doing some research, I went with SODAP beach. It was stunning! It also has sunbeds and a beach cafe.

things to do in paphos

3. Take a Blue Lagoon Tour

The Blue Lagoon Tour was such a nice getaway to the surrounding areas of Cyprus. On this tour, we stopped at a shipwreck, Aphrodite’s baths, a winery, and the blue lagoon of course.

things to do in paphos

4. Archeological Park

Tour the famous mosaics, lighthouse, and ruins all in one stop! The Archeological Park is a perfect way to explore the history of the city. Be sure to save a minimum of two hours to explore this park (and don’t forget to bring your camera!)

5. Take a Bus to Aphrodite’s Rock

If you can only do one thing in Cyprus, make sure it’s THIS! Swimming at Aphrodite’s rock was one of my most favorite swimming experiences. The beach is raw and unpolished, making for a relaxing and adventurous swim.

things to do in paphos

6. Eat at MUSE

Muse Cafe & Kitchen Bar had the most delicious food in Cyprus. This restaurant was so good, I went back twice.

7. Tombs of the Kings

If you love history, don’t miss out on the UNESCO world heritage site – the tombs of the kings.

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