The Best Things to do in Bratislava Slovakia

This post is all about the best things to do in Bratislava Slovakia.

things to do in Bratislava

Bratislava is the gorgeous capital city of Slovakia. It sets along the Danube River between the borders of Austria and Hungary. The famous Old Town is filled with adorable coffee shops and bars. Bratislava is definitely worth a visit!

When to Visit Bratislava

Fall and Spring are the best time of year to visit. During these seasons, Bratislava’s temperature is comfortable and it’s not as crowded as summertime.

How Long to Stay

Bratislava is very small, and you can see everything in one day. However, I recommend staying 2-3 days to really soak in everything the city has to offer.

What to Wear

Dressing for Bratislava is easy! A maxi dress with fall tones would be perfect to match the cobblestone streets and historic architecture.

Be sure to bring a good pair of sneakers for hikes and walking tours.

Hotels in Bratislava

$$$ – Marrol’s Boutique Hotel 

$$ – Loft Hotel

$ – Safestay Hostel

Here’s a free Checklist for your trip so you don’t miss a thing!

things to do in Bratislava

The Best Things to do in Bratislava

1. Take a Free Walking Tour

In only a few hours, you will see most of the highlights and learn the history of the city. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide!

2. Explore the Bratislava Castle

You can’t miss the iconic Bratislava Castle. Admire the castle from the outside or inside with a guided tour.

Click here for more info on touring the Bratislava castle.

things to do in Bratislava

3. Explore Old Town Bratislava

The charming old town is one of the city’s famous features. With its gothic and baroque style architecture and cobblestone streets, it looks straight out of a fairytale.

things to do in Bratislava

4. UFO Tower

The UFO tower is a clear statement piece of the city. Officially known as the Most SNP (Slovak National Uprising). For 7.50 euros, you can take an elevator to the top for a viewpoint.

things to do in Bratislava

5. Devin Castle

The second castle of Bratislava is located in the suburbs of Devin. Just a 30-minute ride from the bus station, you can reach the historic walls of Devin Castle.

things to do in Bratislava

6. Eat Traditional Slovak Food

Try traditional Slovak food like Halušky, Cabbage Soup, or Potato Pancakes. The best traditional food in the city is at Slovak Pub or Flagship.

Check out my ultimate foodie guide to Bratislava.

things to do in Bratislava

7. Go Statue Spotting

The city is known for its friendly statues around the city. Many of them are tied to legends, where if you rub a certain part of the statue, you’ll have good luck!

things to do in Bratislava

8. Modry Kostol

Modry Kostol, also known as “the blue church” is a beautiful white and blue historic church located in the eastern part of the city.

9. Party at Goblin’s Pub

Have a beer and the time of your life partying at Goblin’s pub!

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