The Halloween Home With Over 500 Pumpkins in Nixa Missouri

Located in Nixa, Missouri, the home known as “The Nixa Pumpkin Haunt,” is decorated with spectacular spooky details that will put you right in the Halloween spirit.

Every year, hundreds of pumpkins and skeletons are carefully placed to create the most magical Halloween display.

Halloween Home
Halloween Home
Halloween Home

The Inspiration

Eric Delzell is the man behind the magic, with the help of his friend, Dané Wallace.

Eric and Dané visited the now closed, Rombach Pumpkin Farm, which first sparked the inspiration to set up an elaborate Halloween display in the years to come. Within the first year, they acquired 100 pumpkins and 7 skeletons. Now going on year five, the collection has grown to over 600 hundred pumpkins and 67 skeletons!

Halloween Home

“My favorite parts of the display are building it, the orange glow of the lights, and the excitement it sparks. I love overhearing people guess how many pumpkins there are. I live to see families taking a walk together, just to come over and look. The other day, the kids on the school bus were chanting “skeletons!” All of it is just so happy and fun” said Delzell.

Friend, roommate, and expert skeleton placer, Dané Wallace, said she loves to climb on the roof and arrange the small skeletons. “Overall though, I really just love to watch Eric work his magic. It’s a beautiful thing to experience.”

One of her favorite set pieces is the 12-foot skeleton with glowing iron eyes!

Halloween Home

Dané also loves how the display brings the community together. “It is such a fantastic way to meet people in the area.

We have met so many kind people and it is a great feeling to spread joy for children of all ages. This is an amazing old house in an old part of town and yet, with Eric’s spectacular creative genius and a lot of hard, there is a warm and welcoming vitality re-emerging and I think the whole town appreciates and celebrates it with us every year.”

Halloween Home

“Halloween was forbidden in my childhood”

“Halloween was forbidden in my childhood,” Eric explained. “I suppose I have lost time to make up for. I also think it’s sad that trick-or-treaters are a dying tradition. These days, there are other forms of trick or treating, like trunk or treats, etc. I wish people would decorate for Halloween again… not many do and if they did, trick or treating would surely return.”

Halloween Home

Eric’s mission is to #bringbackhalloween.

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Decorate Your Home Like the Pumpkin Haunt

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Check out this video of the stunning Halloween Home, The Nixa Pumpkin Haunt.

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