41 Colorful Photos of Cuba To Give You a Virtual Tour of the Country

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This post is all about photos of Cuba.

Cuba’s vibrant colors are what I remember most about my 7-day journey through this stunning country.

From vintage cars that defy the test of time to the rhythmic moves of salsa dancers, we’ve captured so much in this Cuba photo diary.

By the end of this post about photos of Cuba, I can assure you, that you’ll be planning your Cuban vacation!

photos of cuba

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Cuba Travel Essentials

41 Photos of Cuba


Havana is bursting with color.

Buildings here are like a crayon box on steroids, with every shade imaginable. From pastel pinks to sun-bleached yellows and bold blues. It’s like someone turned the entire city into a work of art.

Havana is a gigantic melting pot of colors and architectural influences from around the world. The styles of buildings that largely make up this city are Colonial, Spanish Baroque, Neoclassicism, and Art Deco.

Some of the architecture in Havana was oh-so colorful and symmetrical, it reminded me of something that would be seen in a Wes Anderson film.

photos of cuba
photos of cuba

Everyday Struggles for Cubans

Havana’s colors are bright but perhaps it is a distraction for tourists from the everyday struggles of Cubans.

Cuba has undoubtedly had a long history of fighting battles both outside and inside the country.

Most Cubans really struggle to make ends meet as the average monthly wage for a state worker is $20 – $30 ($USD). Many Cubans work constantly, pulling second jobs in the tourist industry working for tips or for private companies.

photos of cuba
photos of cuba

Old Havana or Vedado?

Havana is divided into two parts; Old Havana and Vedado.

Old Havana is likely what you envision Havana to be – bright colors, cobblestone streets, and those dreamy classic cars. However, with that being said, it’s definitely where all the tourists are. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Vedado is the business district and more urban neighborhood of Havana. Likely, where more authentic Cubans live and spend more of their time. Click here for a more in-depth breakdown by a Cuban of the Havana neighborhoods if you are stuck choosing between the two!

We stayed near Old Havana and I am pretty happy with our decision. Vedado is rather far and spread out and I don’t think we would have gotten the experience we envisioned Havana to be.

photos of cuba
photos of cuba
photos of cuba

The Famous Restaurant in Havana – La Guarida!

I LOVED getting to experience dining at La Guarida.

La Guarida is one of the most famous restaurants in all of Havana. It is known for a filming location in a classic film, Strawberry and Chocolate.

Making reservations weeks in advance is highly recommended. You can check out my full restaurant review of La Guarida, here.

La Guardia in Havana

The Colorful Country of Cuba

Spend an evening watching the incredible Tropicana show

Tropicana is a classic Cuban MUST! The Tropicana is a world-famous cabaret show dating back to the late 30s.

Some of the tricks performed are jaw-dropping, and it’s an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to dress up! The recommended dress code is “casual elegance,” meaning women shouldn’t wear shorts and men should wear long pants and a collared shirt.

Tropicana show in Havana
tropicana show havana

– Our highlights of Havana were Tropicana and our Free Walking Tour

After you’ve spent some time exploring the city, consider booking an Airbnb experience to go beyond Havana.

We booked an Airbnb experience that took us on a day trip to stunning Viñales.

The tour was so lovely; we enjoyed the few hour’s journeys in a classic car, horseback riding in the valley, and learned how to make Cuban cigars.


Vinales is a slice of paradise tucked away in the Cuban countryside.

Immerse yourself in the land of horses, lush greenery, and tobacco farms.

photos of cuba

Why you should book an Airbnb experience

Your money will go to supporting the Cuban people directly, rather than to a hotel or tourist agency (that are often run by the communist government!)

This rule doesn’t just apply to Cuba, it’s just like shopping locally.

Your money goes directly to the people, rather than larger corporations. Also, it is way more of an authentic experience.

The Colorful Country of Cuba
The Colorful Country of Cuba

This tour was so much fun, that we were completely exhausted when we returned to Havana. Luckily, our next destination in Cuba was a relaxing oceanfront town called Cojimar.


Cojimar is a small fishing village on the Cuban coast. Filled with colorful boats bobbing in the harbor and salty sea breezes that instantly put you at ease, Cojimar is the perfect place to relax.

If this hidden gem sounds familiar, it’s because it is where Hemingway once lived and was inspired to write, Old Man and the Sea.


This sleepy ocean-front town is located just a 15-minute drive from Havana’s old town.

It’s a total change of pace from bustling Havana, and we were ready for somewhere a bit more low-key.

We stayed in an incredible Airbnb that was right on the water. It was way cheaper and more modern than any of the BNBs located in the city center of Havana.

photos of cuba

Honestly, there is not much to do in Cojimar aside from visiting Hemngway’s house.

Unless you are setting it as your home base for your Havana trip, I would only spend two days here max. We filled our time by taking a taxi to Santa Maria Beach, which I highly recommend!

The Colorful Country of Cuba

A few more photos of Havana.

It’s too beautiful of a city not to capture every corner of it.

The Colorful Country of Cuba
The Colorful Country of Cuba
The Colorful Country of Cuba
The Colorful Country of Cuba

Thanks for reading! I hope these 41 photos of Cuba will convince you to plan a trip of a lifetime.

This post was all about photos of Cuba.

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  1. What would those walls say, indeed? Your photos are absolutely stunning. I am inspired to take a trip and to follow in your footsteps. Thank you for the discussion and comparison of Old Havana vs. Vevado. This will be helpful when I make my trip. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. What beautiful photos!! Wow!! I was in Cuba two years ago and loved it, your photos make me want to plan another trip back!!

  3. Great Article! I can’t wait to go to Cuba!! You have given me some places I’d like to go while there. Thank you!

  4. The vibrant colors of Cuba are soo enticing! One of my friends visited right before the pandemic and highly recommended it. Hope to visit soon!

  5. Gorgeous photos! This post has definitely inspired me to do some more research on Cuba and plan a trip there one day. The tour to Vinales looks amazing! I would love to do something like that when I visit!

  6. Wow, your photos are so beautiful! I cannot wait to eventually get to Cuba. It is so high on my bucket list and looks like a dream. 🙂

  7. What a fabulous post! I love the colours, the sound of the food and that pink car! 😉 I really like the idea of the airb&b experiences as well…I wish there was a Cuban company (so I didn’t have to give a cut to airb&b) but at least some of the cash ends up in the pockets of locals!

    p.s my 30th birthday party had a cuban Tropicana theme, so I would looove to go to that show while we visit! 😀

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