This post is all about the best Restaurants in Cappadocia, specifically in Goreme.

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Looking for the best restaurants in Cappadocia?

To my surprise, Cappadocia had some of the tastiest food I’ve ever had while traveling.

Most of the restaurants in Cappadocia are owned by families who cook the food and serve you. Not only are the restaurants in Cappadocia family-owned, but many of them also use locally sourced ingredients.

Truly, I was blown away by the Turkish cuisine in such a touristy destination.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Cappadocia that will absolutely stun your tastebuds.

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things to do in Goreme

1. Pumpkin Goreme Restaurant

Pumpkin Restaurant in Goreme is not just any ordinary restaurant, it’s a culinary experience.

Per the chef/owner’s recommendation, we ordered the Organic Chicken entree and Clay Pot Kebab. Both were so delicious.

The Organic Chicken was the freshest I’ve ever had and the Clay Pot Kebab was tender and had an impressive presentation.

The homemade pistachio baklava is a must-try (especially with the vanilla ice cream!)

Pumpkin is my favorite restaurant in Goreme. Be sure to make reservations in advance.

cappadocia restaurants
cappadocia restaurants

2. Old Cappadocia

Old Cappadocia Restaurant is right in the center of Goreme and it’s quite big, so you likely won’t need reservations.

At first, I was skeptical because it seemed so commercialized. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was.

Old Cappadocia is easy, no-frills, affordable, and so tasty.

3. CANCAN Cafe and Restaurant

A seemingly insignificant building that holds big flavor. We were greeted by the owner who served us lentil soup, potatoes, and bread all as a complimentary appetizer.

We also ordered Cheese Sigars (crispy cheese rolls).

After our entrees arrived, we were served complimentary apricot tea.

While CanCan is in the least touristy part of Goreme, it was certainly worth walking 10 minutes outside the city center.

cappadocia restaurants
cappadocia restaurants

4. King’s Coffee Shop

An everyday stop in Cappadocia! Treat yourself to a cappuccino and cake.

Inside this cozy coffee shop, you’ll be greeted by the kindest cafe owners and old Hollywood tunes playing all day long.

Kings Coffee Shop in Goreme

5. Topdeck

Enjoy a romantic dinner in a stylish cave setting. We ordered the dinner meze platter which was perfect for trying different Turkish flavors.

Be sure to make reservations for Topdeck in advance.

6. Cappadocian Cuisine

Famous for their casseroles and clay pots.

Cappadocian Cuisine offers the best kind of steaming hot comfort food, especially on a chilly night.

Reservations are highly recommended for this popular spot.

cappadocia restaurants

7. Inci Cave Restaurant

We stopped by Inci Cave Restaurant for lunch and split a delicious meze platter. The restaurant is beautifully decorated offering indoor and outdoor seating.

cappadocia restaurants

8. Organic Wine House

Visiting Cappadocia in November, there weren’t many nightlife options.

However, Organic Wine House offers wine tastings, wood-burning fires, and a decked-out patio area that overlooks Goreme.

It’s a great spot to enjoy an after-dinner glass of wine.

9. Turkish Ravioli

Turkish Ravioli is a traditional Turkish dish that has small dumplings filled with minced meat and mixed in red sauce and yogurt.

The restaurant, Turkish Ravioli, specializes in this famous Turkish dish.

If it doesn’t sound like your type of dish, they have an expansive menu with a variety of other entrees.

Although I recommend trying the ravioli at least once when you’re in Turkey.

turkish ravioli

Cappadocia is bursting with authentic Turkish flavors.

After eating my way through Turkey for three weeks, Cappadocia undoubtedly has some of the best food in Turkey.

Be sure to make reservations at most of the restaurants on this list so you don’t miss out!

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