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I Splurged at La Pecora Bianca Bryant Park and It Wasn’t Worth It

Last Updated on May 7, 2023 by Natalie

This post is all about dining at La Pecora Bianca Bryant Park in New York.

La Pecora Bianca Bryant Park

There are two things I rarely regret splurging on; food and travel. However, my dining experience at the La Pecora Bianca in Bryant Park left me unsatisfied and broke.

After recently moving to the big apple, I was excited to have my first girl’s night out.

We chose to dine at La Pecora Bianca because it’s super cute and well, pasta and wine are always a great way to start out the night.

La Pecora Bianca in Bryant Park Dining Experience

Our reservations were at 8:15. After checking in, we were informed our table wasn’t quite ready yet but would be momentarily. Around 8:40 we thought that maybe they had forgotten about us.

We checked in again and asked if could get a glass of wine while we continued to wait, and the host just pointed us to the bar. Not to be a total Karen, but we definitely thought that after waiting an additional 20 minutes with no word from the host, we at the very least would receive a complimentary glass of wine while we wait.

Finally, we got our table at 8:50, over 30 minutes past our reservation time.

Drinks and Appetizers

Our server greeted us promptly and answered any questions we had.

I ordered the Whipped Ricotta and a glass of the Pinot Grigio.

Our appetizer and wine arrived quickly.

The whipped ricotta was drizzled with honey and served with thick bread. All the flavor combinations complimented each other really nicely.

Pasta Entree

Next was the Cacio e Pepe. I definitely have had better pasta. I was torn between ordering the Cacio e Pepe and Ricotta and wished I would’ve gone with the latter.

The Bill

Total, my portion of the bill was $78 which included two glasses of wine, half an appetizer, pasta, tax, and tip.

While this is by no means a bad restaurant, I don’t feel like it was worth $80.

Is La Pecora Bianca Bryant Park Actually Worth a Visit?

It’s a safe option if you are looking for a cute restaurant in a good location. However, don’t prepare to receive the best meal and service of your life.

There are certainly better restaurants in New York, but it can serve as a convenient dining option if that’s what you’re looking for.

Overall, I consider La Pecora Bianca in Bryant Park basic and expensive.

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