Is Ba Na Hills Worth It? Everything You Need to Know About Vietnam’s Iconic Theme Park

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is ba na hills worth it

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Planning your trip to central Vietnam and find yourself wondering, is Ba Na Hills worth it? 

Located high in the Truong Son Mountains west of Da Nang is a magical land surrounded by enchanting clouds and whimsical trees. This is the famous Sun World Ba Na Hills, Vietnam’s beloved theme park.

Filled with over-the-top flower gardens, elaborate European architecture, and talented performers, Ba Na Hills is a seemingly fantasy world straight out of a Disney film. 

Every year, millions of Vietnamese and foreign tourists visit the enchanting Ba Na Hills. 

I know what you’re thinking though.. can a place filled with so many curated photo ops and thousands of visitors a year be worth visiting?

Is Ba Na Hills Worth It? Here’s everything you need to know.

is ba na hills worth it

In this post I’ll be diving into the big debate: Is Ba Na Hills worth it or is it just another spot flooding your Insta feed?

From the Insta-worthy views to the quirky attractions, we’re breaking it all down.

Here’s a complete review of my experience at Ba Na Hills – the good, the bad, and the selfie-stick-worthy. Let’s settle the score on whether this place is a must-visit or just another overrated tourist trap.

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Ba Na Hills.

How to Get to Ba Na Hills

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several different ways to get to Ba Na Hills. While most people stay in Da Nang, it’s also a popular day trip from Hoi An.

From Da Nang

Ba Na Hills is only about 1 hour from central Da Nang. 

A popular option for visiting the theme park from Da Nang is booking a group tour or a tour guide that includes transportation. 

Alternatively, you book a GRAB taxi or hire a private car or shuttle for transportation.

I opted for a group tour, because of the extra cost of the entrance fees and food, a group tour with transportation was the cheapest option for me. 

From Hoi An

Ba Na Hills is a 2-hour drive from central Hoi An.

Visitors from Hoi An also have plenty of options for booking group tours or hiring private cars. 

Group Tours vs DIY

Depending on the prices of group tours at the time you are researching, sometimes they can be worth booking vs going by yourself.

If you can get a tour at a discounted rate that offers transportation, lunch buffet, and entry fees included – it may be worth comparing.

The hostel I booked in Da Nang had discounted tours for guests that were under $60, so this was worth booking for me.

Additionally, I want to mention to be mindful when looking for tours, some of them offer more than others. Don’t make a mistake by just booking an expensive transfer that doesn’t include park fees.

Here are a few group tours you can book that include all entry tickets and transportation.

Where to Stay

Believe it or not, you can stay at a luxurious hotel right inside Ba Na Hills, It’s called Mercure Danang French Village.

Best Time to Visit

While this may seem vague, the best time to visit Ba Na Hills is simply on a clear day. I would not recommend going if the weather is bad, it would not be worth a visit.

The clearest days in Vietnam are typically during Spring and Summer from January – August. Crowds will probably be at their worst in the summer peak season, June through August. 

Weather in Ba Na Hills

The weather at the top of Ba Na Hills isn’t all that different from the weather on ground level. Expect it to maybe be 2-3 degrees cooler than ground level temperature.

It’s best to dress in layers! Beware that if the weather is bad, the cable cars will stop operating, leaving you in a tricky situation getting up and down from the theme park. 

On bright sunny days, there isn’t much shade from the open sun and outdoor activities so wear plenty of sunscreen and prepare for it to be hot. 

While cool weather would make your day at the park enjoyable, it may be hard to come by as the coolest it ever gets in this region is 19 Celsius (66 F).

What to bring to the theme park

Be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good pair of walking shoes. If it’s rainy season, consider bringing an umbrella.

Arriving at Ba Na Hills

is ba na hills worth it

Once you’ve arrived at the entrance, you’ll be welcomed with the madness of the ticket counter lines. This can be another pro of booking a group tour as your tour guide will handle all the business with the tickets and you will get to skip some of the long lines.

Ba Na Hills Ticket Prices

Entrance ticket prices can vary depending on the season but they are currently 900,000 VND ($37 USD) for adults. 

When I was researching entrance fees for the amusement park, I was really confused as most entrance fees are labeled “cable car ticket”. In short, it was unclear to me if there was an entrance fee AND a cable car fee. I can confirm, they are the same thing. 

Your $37 USD Ba Na Hills ticket will include the following:

  • Round trip cable car
  • 1 Ba Na Hills ticket
  • Golden Bridge
  • Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens
  • Luna Castle
  • Helios Waterfall
  • French Village
  • Alpine Coaster 2
  • Fantasy Park 

The ticket does not include 

  • Wax Museum 
  • Debay Wine Cellar 
  • Rain Sheltering Teahouse
  • Alpine Coaster 1
  • Food

Where to Buy Tickets

While you can buy tickets once you arrive at the ticket gates, you can also buy them in advance online. 

I would recommend buying tickets in advance to ensure your entrance and skipping the long lines at the entrance.

If you are on an organized tour, your tour guide should give you your ticket. 

DIY VS Group Tours

Whether you are considering renting a car, booking a private transfer, or signing up for a group tour – there are numerous ways to visit this popular tourist destination from either Da Nang or Hoi An.

Embark on Your Magical Cable Car Ride

Sun World Da Nang Vietnam

After you’ve secured your tickets, you’ll head to the Cable Car Station. Prepare to embark on a magical journey until you arrive at the theme park’s main entrance at Marseille Station.

While cable cars can be rather cheesy, the Ba Na Hills cable car is different.

It is truly an experience! This cable car holds 4 Guinness World Records: 

  • Longest one-wire sling 
  • The longest distance between each station
  • Longest unpatched wire in the world 
  • Heaviest cable roll in the world

Heaven Garden

Located near the Golden Hand Bridge is Heaven Garden, featuring clever stone body statues decorated around the Golden Bridge. You’ll see giant hands, fingers, and feet! 

Golden Hand Bridge

Golden Hand Bridge Sun World

Perched on top of the mountain is the Golden Hand Bridge. The bridge is known for its stunning design, featuring two giant stone hands that appear to be holding up the bridge.

This is the most famous landmark of Ba Na Hills because of its unique design and gorgeous landscape views.

Beware that the bridge is full of SO many people, do not expect to visit and get your picture-perfect social media shot!

However, if you are determined, your best luck is to go to on your own in the early morning. 

Debay Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine lover, take a detour from the attractions to tour a historic wine cellar deeply routed in the theme park.

While Ba Na Hills may be filled with plastic structures and selfie sticks, Debay Wine Cellar is a real historic landmark established over 100 years ago by French colonists in the underground mountain tunnels.

Le Jardin D’Amour 

Is Ba Na Hills worth it

These beautiful gardens were one of the highlights of my Ba Na Hills tour!

With over 4 miles filled with 9 different gardens, the le Jardin D’Amour looks like a slice of heaven floating in the sky.

Featuring unique garden designs and formations, the gardens switch different themes every Spring. 

Linh Ung Pagoda

Is Ba Na Hills worth it

Standing tall over 1,500 sea level is a massive Shakyamuni Buddha dominating the hills of Ba Na. This marvelous spiritual statue is a must-see in the theme park.

Just to clarify, there are actually three pagodas named Linh Ung spread among Da Nang City. So, if you read about other Linh Ung Pagodas, that is why they might say they are located elsewhere. 

Fantasy Park

Arcade games, cinemas, and souvenir shops are just a handful of the activities to do in Fantasy Park. Out of everywhere in Ba Na Hills, I’d say that there are the most things to do rather than see in Fantasy Park, so you’ll want to allow plenty of time to play around! 

Inside the indoor 3-story complex, are free arcade games and activities included in the price. 

Scenic Alpine Coasters

Ba Na Hills doesn’t exactly have roller coasters like a typical big theme park would have. However, it does have scenic alpine coasters, one of which is located in Fantasy Park. Since there are only a couple of coasters throughout the park, the lines are extremely long, sometimes hours. 

If you’ve signed up for a tour, you’re included buffet lunch that will take place in Du Dome Square, right next to Fantasy Park. 

Wax Museum

For an extra 100,000 VND ($4 USD) you can experience the Wax Museum in Fantasy Park. If you love celebrities and historical figures, this is something you must do!

French Village

Is Ba Na Hills worth it

Built with incredible styles of gothic architecture, the Ba Na Hills French town feels like you are in a fairytale. Next to the Golden Hand Bridge, the French Village is probably one of the most iconic tourist attractions and scenic spots in all of Ba Na Hills.

It’s a photographer’s dream with the narrow alleyways and European accents. 

Some of the best attractions to see in the French Village are Helios Waterfall, Union Square, and Forever Square. 

The Final Verdict… Is Ba Na Hills Worth It? 

Overall, I would say it depends on what your interests are to decide if Ba Na Hills is worth it. For me, I found Ba Na Hills was worth it but I love theme parks, performances, and unique spins on architecture. In general, I think theme parks are always fun, and to experience one in a different country was even cooler! 

In conclusion, Ba Na Hills is a must-see destination in Vietnam for its unparalleled beauty and diverse attractions. Beyond the aesthetics, Ba Na Hills provides a day filled with fun activities, awe-inspiring architecture, and insanely scenic views.

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