Ios Greece Best Kept Secrets- The Ultimate Ios Travel Guide

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Looking for the perfect Ios Greece Travel Guide for your island hopping getaway? Here’s the ultimate travel guide for Ios, Greece.

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Ios is a stunning island located in the Cyclades between Santorini and Naxos.

Often overshadowed by its neighbors, Santorini & Mykonos, Ios is an island lovers’ paradise (with about a quarter of the crowds!)

After staying two weeks in Ios Greece, I discovered the best-kept secrets and hidden gems of the island.

Ios Island Greece Travel Guide

ios greece what to do

When to Visit

June to early September. Businesses start to shut down when the tourist season ends, so be sure to plan your trip before the second week of September.

How Long to Stay

3 days is the perfect amount of time in Ios.

What to Wear

The weather during peak season is blazing hot, so pack light and airy clothing. Towards late August/early September it can get quite windy, so consider bringing a jacket.

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Where to Stay

Luxury – Liostasi Hotel & Suites

Luxury – Calilo

Moderate – Ios Resort

Moderate – Ios Palace Hotel

Budget – Far Out

Budget – Francesco’s

The Ultimate Ios Greece Checklist

To have a truly memorable trip, then you’ll want to take this Ultimate Ios Greece Checklist with you so you don’t miss a thing!

Where to Explore

The Chora

The Chora

Chora (pronounced hor-ah) means the main town or village. This is the main area of Ios where you will find the best dinner spots, shopping, and nightlife. While it’s nice to explore during the day, the Chora comes to life at night around 8 pm. You will spend most of your evenings here!

Mylopotas Beach

Mylopotas is the place to be before heading up the Chora. It’s the perfect place to sunbathe and grab an iced latte or fresh orange juice. There are lots of cafes, shops, and brunch spots.

The Port

While most of the time you will likely be exploring the Chora or Mylopotas, there are some nice restaurants and hotels near the port.

Best Beaches

There are literally dozens of beaches in Ios. Here are the best beaches accessible by foot or ATV;

Mylopotas Beach

Mylopotas Beach

The most popular beach in Ios in terms of accessibility, beauty, and comfort. It’s a 20-minute walk from the Chora or a short drive or bus ride. It has rows of restaurants, cafes, lounge chairs, and shops.

Maganari Beach

Taking the bus to Maganari from the town center is a MUST. Maganari is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Ios. Here you’ll enjoy a calmer beach and glistening waters.

Kolitsani Beach

Perhaps a beach for the more…adventurous! Kolitsani is an optional nude beach located halfway between the Chora and Maganari Beach.

Where to Eat Dinner


Mills is a family-owned traditional greek tavern located at the top of the Chora, right next to the windmills. This was my favorite restaurant by far in Ios.


Another fantastic Greek traditional tavern is located in the center of the Chora.


Katogi is a trendy tapas restaurant in the center of the Chora. The space is small and popular, so make a reservation.

Best Brunch Spots



This is a great cheap and quick grab-and-go brunch when you’re eager to start your day!

Cantina Del Mar

This was my favorite sit-down brunch spot. The food and portions were fantastic and it has a beautiful view of Mylopots beach.


Harmony sits on the opposite side of Mylopotas. It’s the perfect spot to get an acai bowl and even take part in their yoga on certain weekdays.


Best Cocktails

-Click Cocktail Bar



Live Music


Bars & Clubs


-The Slammer

-Sweet Irish Dream

-Fun Pub (karaoke)

Best Things to Do in Ios Greece

Ios may be a small island, however, there is loads to do! Here are the top things to do on Ios Island, Greece.

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1. Maganari Beach

Taking a trip to Maganari is one of the top things to do on the island. The best way to get to Maganari is to take the public bus right outside the Chora in the town center. It’s 7.50 euros roundtrip and departs from noon and returns at 5 pm. Maganari is a must-see!

maganari ios greece

2. Rent ATVs and explore the island

Renting a car or ATV for a day is the perfect way to see what the whole island has to offer.

3. Book a boat tour

If you’re itching to see some of Ios’s most remote beaches, book an Ios boat tour.

boat tours ios greece

4. Visit Homer’s Tomb

Located in the northern part of Ios near the beach of Plakotos, visit the tomb of one of the greatest poets of all time.

5. Explore the Chora.. day and night!

Wander through the stunning quiet streets of the Chora during the day (and take some photos!) At night experience the village when it really comes to life. Be sure to go bar hopping at the many bars the town has to offer.

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6. Odysseus Elythis Theater

Experience the historic open-air theater of Ios.

7. Watch the Sunset at Ios Sunset Club

Ios Sunset Club is a centrally located and affordable cocktail club to watch the incredible sunsets in Ios.

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8. Spend an evening at Pathos Club

Have an evening at the most impressive cocktail clubs in Ios. Be sure to stay for the sunset!

9. Relax at Mylopotas Beach

A beach where you can spend the whole day lounging around drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice.

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This post was all about Ios Greece Travel.

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