Although it may seem ironic, there are steps you can take to cure the “travel bug” in the comfort of your home. COVID-19 has shaken the world, the travel industry at the very center of it all. Even when the world does slowly open back it’s doors, how long will it take for international waters to be traveled again? The optimist in me says soon. The realist part of me says travel for 2020 is off the books for now.

New York, Italy, and Australia were all booked for me this year and have unfortunately been cancelled. Honestly, I got quite depressed when I had to cancel them all. So much time, money, and planning went into these trips – how could I not be a little disappointed? Once I got around and finally stopped feeling sorry for myself, there were little things around the house that I noticed helped me cure my travel bug.

Here are some of the things I’ve been doing to stay busy, and cure the travel bug while staying home.

Explore the world, at home.

How to cure the travel bug at home.

1. Dive into your box of travel treasures

Does anyone else of have a chest full of travel trinkets? Mine is stuffed full of everything from postcards, ticket stubs, or just little knick knacks I’ve found along the way. This is the perfect time to go through it! I honestly had no idea what was in mine, until I took the time to really go through it. You may be surprised at some of the things you find, and the memories associated with them.

This ripped piece of paper doesn’t look like much, but it is one of my favorite travel souvenirs, and it was free! I found this piece of paper on the streets of a lovely little town in Cuba. I don’t know why I picked it up, or really why I even kept it. The crumbled and rough condition of the paper reminds me of Cuba in an essence. However there is a certain charm to it that you can’t help but love, just like Cuba.

2.Learn or perfect a hobby

Maybe you feel the same way, but I feel like this quarantine has stunted my growth in terms of achievements. I can’t go out and do the things I had planned and get on with my life, because I’m stuck here. This was most of my mentality for the first couple weeks at home. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can still learn and grow in different ways. I have been practicing my photography skills in lots of different ways.

These pictures were both taken in the comfort of my own home. The one on the right was taken in my stunning backyard that I rarely step foot on. As a traveler, I tend to think everywhere else is more beautiful and interesting than where I live. However, spending more time at home has cleared my eyes to the beauty surrounded by me.

3. Read that dang Barnes & Noble book that you saw on display but never read

Whoops. Okay I cannot be alone on this. Does this look familiar to you? I feel like every time I walk in Barnes & Noble, I see a similar book. A massive book full of places I want explore. I somehow talk myself into buying them, justifying the purchase, and then it sits in the corner of my room accumulating dust. Well, with all this time at home, it’s the perfect time to crack it open (and realize I need to stop buying them).

How to cure the travel bug at home

4. Catalog your travel photos.

Consider buying a hard drive to store all of your travel pictures. If you don’t have many photos, a flash drive will work as well. Once you have your storage device, create folders for each of your destinations. This has helped me massively in terms of organization and may put you at ease to know where exactly your pictures are.

5. Start a scrapbook or print book of your travel photos

Scrapbooking has always been something I enjoy. There is just such satisfaction in having all of your memories collected in one place. It’s also a fun thing to look back on with your friends and family. If you don’t have the patience for scrapbooking, organize a travel print book on Shutterfly.

6. Learn a new recipe from your favorite destination

Thai food is the literal love of my life. It’s my favorite thing to eat out, and it’s my favorite thing to make at home. My kitchen may not look like Thailand, but it can smell like it! Trying making goulash from Hungary, scones from England, or a Greek salad from Greece. Traveling has definitely expanded my imagination in the kitchen. Trying new international foods keep me connected with learning about other cultures, while being stuck at home.

This is a spicy Thai noodle dish that I make at least every couple weeks. It is SO delicious and simple to make! You can find the recipe here.

Easy Spicy Thai Noodles

7. Read a book about a journey

Sorry to throw in another book on here, but this one actually has a fantastic story line and will inspire you as a traveler in a number of ways. If you are missing traveling, this book will take you all around the world and show you how you can grow by exploring. The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is the perfect read for a time like this.

How to cure the travel bug at home

8. Explore somewhere new

Like me, maybe you’ve had to cancel your travel plans for the rest of the year. Yes It’s a bummer, but it’s the perfect time to find somewhere new if that destination just isn’t going to work out. Pinterest, Instagram, and travel blogs are the perfect way to find your next adventure destination.

My mom and I were taking our mother-daughter trip to Italy & Switzerland in early May. As plans have changed, we are looking at traveling more towards December/January. She really was looking forward to warm weather, so we are looking at more tropical destinations that will be warm in those months. If you have any recommendations for warm places in December, let me know in the comments! Europe will have to wait for another time.

9. Start a journal

I’ve kept a journal since I was twelve years old! I have several of them locked away in the depths of my closet for nobody to ever read. Writing is really therapeutic for me, and a great time capsule for my thoughts for certain milestones in life. Pictures are what you want people to see, but writing is how you really feel. I keep journals for both at home, and for my travel adventures.

If you haven’t started a journal, now would be a great time to start. It’s odd to think that this pandemic is quite a historical time in history, your thoughts of what’s happening will be really interesting to read years from now.

10. Above all else, just try to be happy

While the world is stuck inside battling a virus, a different beast is unleashed that is possibly more difficult to obviously detect – poor mental health. For someone who doesn’t struggle with mental health regularly, this quarantine has absolutely took a toll on me. I’ve had to change my mindset, and reward myself for little accomplishments like making breakfast, or going on a walk.

Don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t motivated to do the things you always said you would “if you just had more time”. Celebrate the little things that you’ve accomplished throughout the day and focus on taking care of yourself.

How to cure the travel bug at home

Thanks for reading! I hope this post has helped you come up with ideas on how you can cure your “travel bug” in the comfort of your own home. I’d love to read in the comments below what you’ve been doing at home to feed your wanderlust.

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