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The Best of Budapest

Budapest is quickly earning the title as one of the trendiest capitals in central Europe. I spent fourteen days in this majestic city, yet still found myself cramming in highlights towards the end of my trip. Here are suggestions for the very best of Budapest!...

The Best 1 Week Itinerary for Morocco

The city, beach, and desert all in 7 days make for the BEST 1-week Itinerary for Morocco. If you are wanting to have the time of your life in Morocco and stay within a budget, this guide is perfect for you. Just saying "Morocco", I can nearly smell the mint tea...

What to do if you have a trip planned somewhere with a Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus shook the world full force, just as my mom and I were in the middle of finalizing our upcoming Switzerland & Northern Italy trip in May.

Essaouira Travel Guide

Essaouira, Morocco Essaouira is a fishing town located in the Western region of Morocco. A stop we nearly overlooked during our time in Morocco, came to be one of our favorite parts of our trip. We recommend spending two days in this charming little port town....

15 photos that will inspire you to book a trip to Morocco.

Morocco is one of my favorite destinations I've ever been to! After all, what's not to love about it? Morocco offers the bliss of the Sahara, the bustle of the city, and the calmness of the sea. If you need convincing on why you need to take a trip to Morocco,...

3 Days Sahara Desert Tour – Marrakech Desert Trips Review

This Sahara Desert Tour was the best travel experience I’ve ever had. If you can only pick one thing to do during your time in Morocco, choose this tour!

La Guarida Restaurant Review in Havana, Cuba

Ah, La Guarida! Just saying the name makes me think of swift jazz music and caviar. La Guarida is one of, if not the, nicest restaurant in all of Havana. I knew when I booked my trip to Havana, that I just had to experience this staple of Cuban culture. After all, the Cuban film “Strawberry and Chocolate” was filmed at this iconic restaurant, and it’s been bustling with business ever since.

How to Spend 72 Hours in Dublin

Dublin will without a doubt, rock your world. You can expect beautiful sights, incredible food, and beer… lots and lots of beer! I have been to Dublin alone, and I’ve been there with friends – whichever your case, you’ll have a fantastic time. Here is my recommendation for 72 hours in Dublin.

Everything you need to know about hiking Preikestolen in Norway

Have you dreamed of hiking Preiekstolen in Norway? Preikestolen or "Pulpit Rock" holds the title of being one of the most spectacular viewing points in the world, and I can vouch for that! Here is everything you need to know about hiking Preikestolen in Norway....

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