41 Actually Good Gifts for the Woman Traveler

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This post is all about gifts for the woman traveler.

As an expert in solo female travel, I can personally vouge for these travel gift ideas for women.

gifts for woman traveler

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Finding the perfect gifts for a woman traveler can be tricky!

It’s essential to buy GOOD travel gifts because when you are traveling, there is no room for sub-par products.

Whether you are looking for useful travel gifts or cute travel-themed jewelry and decor, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 41 amazing gifts for the woman traveler that she will ACTUALLY use.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Travel Lipstick Kit

The only lipstick I will EVER wear. Luckily it comes in the perfect-sized travel kit. While this lipstick is a bit pricey, the quality is insanely good, and is certified animal testing free.


2. Pandora Bracelet + Pandora Travel Charms

This is a creative travel gift for any woman traveler to remember some of her favorite destinations. It’s also a great gift to keep up with every year as you add charms to the bracelet!


3. The Perfect Carry-on Suitcase for Women

This trendy and durable Kensie brand Women’s luggage is the perfect 20-inch carry-on.


4. The Carry-on Cocktail Kit

The cutest traveler gift! An essential gift to help your traveler’s flight go a bit smoother.


5. Portable Charger

I never leave my house without this portable charger! It’s thin so it doesn’t take up much room. Plus it holds a charge forever. Portable chargers are an absolute MUST for a woman traveler, especially if they are traveling solo.


6. A Super Cute Passport Cover

I’m obsessed with this pastel blue passport cover. It’s stylish and will help protect your traveler’s passport from any wear and tear.


7. The Best Travel Sandals

Shoes are the most underestimated travel item in everyone’s suitcase. It’s so important to have quality footwear, especially if you’re going to a destination that will require a lot of walking (anywhere in Europe!)


8. The Best Backpack for a Female Backpacker

My personal backpack, and the bag that I SWEAR by. I wouldn’t dare to use any other bag on my long backpacking trips.


9. Compression Packing Cubes

An essential for an organized traveler, These packing cubes will help keep everything in its place when you’re on the go! Be sure to get compression packing cubes to save maximum space in your luggage.


10. Filtering Water Bottle

Made by Brita, this stylish and safe water bottle is a wonderful travel gift.


11. Kindle Paperwhite

A kindle is a fantastic gift idea for the traveler who likes to read.


12. Travel Sized Perfume

While this is by no means essential, it’s so nice to have a little perfume on you when traveling. I’m obsessed with the Marc Jacobs travel-sized perfume bottles, and always keep one on me.


13. Packable Rain Jacket

This rain jacket is a lifesaver! It’s perfect for keeping travelers dry on those rainy days without taking up hardly any space in a bag.


14. My Favorite Travel Cleanser – The Ordinary

The facial cleanser I swear by! The Ordinary has so many size options with their products that you can get nearly any product they offer in travel sizes.


15. A Great Camera to Capture Stunning Travel Photos

This is my personal camera that I’ve had for years. It’s a mid-range professional camera that’s super easy to use.


16. Compact Toiletry Bag With a Hook

Toiletry bags are a must for a female traveler, especially one with a hook to prevent it from getting wet.


17. A Small Locket

Call me old fashion, but I’m still in love with lockets. It’s the perfect dainty gift for a traveler.


18. Microfiber Travel Towel

My personal favorite travel towel. As the description says, you really can use it for everything. I ordered an X-large so that I can use it as a shower and beach towel on my travels.


19. Travel Themed Books

These are some of the most popular travel books that your traveler will love.

20. Luggage Locks

Luggage locks are definitely an essential travel item and the perfect affordable gift. I always keep 2-3 of these luggage locks in my travel bag at all times.


21. Sunglasses

A jet setter essential! Trendy sunglasses make wonderful gifts for a woman traveler.


22. Travel Journal

I never go anywhere without my journal. Journals make great gifts for a woman traveler to document their memories.


23. Quality Lip Balm

Traveling can dry the life out of your skin and chapped lips can be a pain. This is what I consider to be the best chapstick of all time.


24. Universal Travel Adapter

I call this the queen of all adapters! You never have to worry about which adapter matches the country you’re going to because it has it all! Plus 4 USB ports.


24. GoPro

GoPro is the ultimate travel gift for an adventurous traveler. Perfect for those underwater adventures in Thailand or the Greek islands!


25. Anti-Theft Travelon Bag

This is the perfect-sized anti-theft bag to carry when traveling. It’s big enough to hold a small laptop and a few other essentials.


26. Stylish Fanny Pack

A stylish fanny pack is perfect for an explorer who wants to keep their valuables close to them on their daily adventures or nights out.


27. Quality Travel Bottles Set

It can be difficult to find refillable travel bottles that aren’t insanely cheap. These quality leak-proof bottles are great for travelers to bring their favorite hair, skin, and soap products.


28. Silk Pillowcase

Okay, this may not be the most “essential travel item” but sometimes it’s a real deal-breaker for travelers. A silk pillowcase can ensure maximum comfort in an unfamiliar place.


29. World Map Wall Tapestry

A way for your traveler to be reminded of the world, even when they’re stuck at home.


30. Leggings With Pockets

Listen, leggings with pockets are all the rage. We love clothing that’s practical AND comfortable.


31. Travel Scrapbook

The Pixar movie UP has been a long-time obsession of mine. This adorable “Our Adventure Book” is perfect for travelers with companions.


32. Travel Jewelry Organizer

I certainly have been a victim of my favorite jewelry getting jumbled together. This organizer is great for a trendy traveler always on the go.


33. Polaroid Camera

Polaroids are such a creative and fun way to remember your most favorite travel memories.


34. Cute Luggage Tags

Help prevent luggage that could be lost forever with these beautiful luggage tags.


35. Laptop Case

For the techy traveler that can’t leave their laptop at home (like me!) A durable laptop case is so important, and makes a super cute gift!


37. Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame is perfect for a traveler so they can show off all their travel photos.


38. Silk Sleep Mask

This sleep mask makes the perfect gift for a woman traveler whose a light sleeper on long-haul flights.


39. Personal Alarm Keychain

A miniature alarm is a great gift for any solo traveler. I personally use one and it makes me feel a bit more comfortable walking by myself at night.


40. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List Book

A stunning and wanderlust-filled coffee table book featuring the most incredible destinations in the world.


41. Travel Hair Brush

The perfect travel hairbrush can be hard to find. This detangling expert brush is small and easily packable.


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This post was all about gifts for the woman traveler.

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  1. Hi! I admit I have most of the things you mention and, you are right, they make great gifts for all travelers. However, I miss the packable rainbow jacket which is such a great idea! I spent the last 5 months in a tropical place and it would have been so useful for the unexpected rain pours!

  2. I love your gift guide for travelers. I just realized that there are still great things to pack when traveling and this list is what we need as our packing checklist now before going on another trip together! The rain jacket you suggested, which folds up into a small package so it’s easy to carry around or tuck away in the luggage? I also really liked the compact toiletry bag because sometimes hotels don’t provide enough space inside their bathrooms plus bringing something like this makes sure everything has its own place no matter how big an international journey may become. Great idea – perfect addition with all of those long flights ahead 🙂

  3. I swear by my Birks. They’re sooooo comfortable. I spent a week and a half walking all over Spain in them, and didn’t once worry about sore feet or blisters. Comfortable shoes are a must. I also never travel without my battery cell! Great list here.

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