Fall Photoshoot Ideas if You’re Single as Hell

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Okay, I’ll say it – I am sick of seeing “Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples” all over my Pinterest! I am OVER IT.

Where are the Fall Photoshoot ideas for the people flyin’ solo? Even if you aren’t single, you deserve a solo photoshoot of you looking spectacular while wearing a fancy hat surrounded by the fall foliage.

Not sure where to start? Don’t overthink it!

Start by putting on a cute outfit with dark or neutral tones – think deep reds, tans, blacks, or even cream-colored could work as well. If you have an accent colored coat or hat, they can add a nice pop of color.

My bright red coat is one of my favorite accent pieces for photos. I’ve had this coat for probably five years now and although my mother begs me to get rid of it, I just can’t part with it!

Here are some simple ideas that almost anyone can do for a successful Fall Photoshoot.

1. Find a Pretty Street

Finding a pretty street covered in fall foliage can make for a stunning backdrop for your fall photoshoot. Strike a pose or add some motion like walking or running to really make your photo interesting!

Fall photoshoot
photo by Marc Noorman

2. Pose in Front of a Beautiful House

Fall photoshoot

Some of the homes in my town are decorated so beautifully for fall. Be sure not to invade the owner’s property for the photo or ask them permission before doing so!

Fall photoshoot

3. The “Big Leaf”

What I like to call, “The Big Leaf” is a total Fall Photoshoot classic! A large colorful leaf makes for a perfect and easy prop. There’s really no wrong way to do it!

4. Get Down & Dirty

You won’t get that dirty, I promise! Choose a nice spot on the ground that’s covered in leaves and take a selfie.

Fall photoshoot

5. Focus on the Fit

Fall photoshoot

Making your fall outfit the focus of the photo is always a great idea! Style your fit with a fall colored coat and scarf along with a trendy hat if you have one.

Taking gorgeous fall photos can be simple and so much fun! I hope some of these photos inspire you for photo ideas as a single person, and that you DON’T need a romantic partner for a photoshoot.

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