This post is all about the Dracula Castle in Romania.

Dracula Castle in Romania

It’s true that all girls dream of being in a castle someday – but not all of us wanted to be a Disney princess!

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of visiting the iconic Dracula Castle. In fact, it was one of my earliest memories of ever wanting to travel to Europe – just to see the castle.

Here is the complete guide covering everything you need to know on how to visit the iconic Dracula Castle in Romania.

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The Story of the Dracula Castle in Romania

Dracula castle in Romania

While Dracula is a fictional character, there were several real-life inspirations that created the “Dracula” we all know today.

Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel “Dracula” was largely inspired by the popular folktale of Nosferatu and the real-life Romanian prince, Vlad Tepes. Though “Vlad the Impaler” was known for his bloody punishments, other than being Romanian he had no relation to the castle.

In short, the Dracula Castle, or better known by its proper name – The Bran Castle, was simply the inspiration for Stoker’s novel, because it just looks spooky.

Where to Stay to see the Dracula Castle in Romania

dracula castle where to stay
Brasov, Romania


The most popular place to stay is in the gorgeous village of Brasov. I recommend staying at least 3 days in Brasov and taking a short 30-minute drive to the Bran Castle.

$$$ – Hotel Aro Palace

$$ – Casa Postavarului

$ – JugendStube Hostel


Staying in Bran is another option as you’ll be very close to the castle. However, the town is very small.


Taking a tour from Bucharest or renting a car is another option to see Bran Castle. Several tours departing from Bucharest offer additional castles on the excursion, like the Peles Castle (which I’ve heard is beautiful!)

Buying Tickets to Bran Castle

Buying tickets online is highly recommended as this will allow you to skip the line when you arrive. Get your tickets on the official website here for the best rates. Standard adult tickets cost about $11 USD.

There are other ticket packages on third-party sites that may include guided tours.

Getting to Bran Castle from Brasov

getting to the dracula castle from brasov

Getting to Bran Castle from Brasov on your own is very easy and cheap. All you need to do is get to Autogara 2 bus station and find a bus labeled BRAN.

Buses run every 30 minutes on weekdays and every hour on weekends.

Roundtrip, the journey from Brasov will cost you less than $4 USD.

Tours from Bucharest to Bran Castle

Here are some of the most popular tours from Bucharest to Bran Castle.

The Best Photo Spots in Dracula’s Castle

There are endless photo spots at Bran castle, but my personal favorite were the less obvious. Try sitting in one of the many window sills (especially at the top with views of the courtyard).

Or when you exit the castle, go far out into the gardens where there are fewer people, and get a full shot of the castle.

Is the Dracula Castle in Romania Worth the Hype?

While I was traveling through Romania, so many people told me Bran Castle was not worth a visit. However, I fully indulged in the history and touristy experience and really loved it. This was somewhere I always wanted to go, so for me, it was definitely worth it. Also, it is SUCH a cheap tourist attraction for how popular it is.

This post was all about how to visit the Dracula Castle in Romania

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