New Orleans Itinerary – 3 Insane Days in the Big Easy

New Orleans Itinerary – 3 Insane Days in the Big Easy

This post is all about the most epic 3 day New Orleans itinerary.

New Orleans Itinerary

New Orleans is an eclectic city that sweeps you into every beat (and beignets!)

I’ve created the best 3-day itinerary for New Orleans to help you have a more successful and less stressful trip. Don’t forget to print your FREE New Orleans Printable Checklist so you don’t miss a thing!

New Orleans Itinerary

So, you’re taking a trip to the Big Easy? Here are the recommendations I swear by to have a fantastic trip in NOLA!

Here is the BEST 3 day New Orleans Itinerary.

3 Day New Orleans Itinerary (the short version)

Day 1 – Check into your hotel. Walk around the French Quarter and have a beignet. Stop by Jackson square and St. Louis Cathedral. Visit Hotel Monteleone and have a drink at the carousel bar.

Day 2 – Explore the Garden District and Magazine Street. Brunch at the Ruby Slipper Cafe. Take a cemetery tour. Dinner and drinks on Frenchmen Street.

Day 3 – Book a fancy jazz brunch. Explore more of Bourbon Street. Dinner at Galeries. See Fritzel’s jazz band. Have a drink at the Dungeon. Enjoy your last night in Nola!

Where to stay in New Orleans:

The Quisby Hostel – $

Ace Hotel – $$

Hotel Monteleone – $$$

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3 Day New Orleans Itinerary (the detailed version)

Day 1

Check into your hotel and get ready to explore the French Quarter.

Stop and have a beignet and cafe au lait. Cafe Beignet on Royal Street is what I recommend over the famous Cafe Du Monde.

Stroll through the beautiful Jackson Square and admire the St. Louis cathedral.

New Orleans Itinerary

Enjoy walking in and out of thrift stores and various shops in the French Quarter. I encourage you to venture beyond bourbon street, as there are so many beautiful and interesting corners of the quarter.

Visit Hotel Monteleone and have a drink at the famous rotating Carousel bar.

New Orleans Itinerary

Day 2

Start your day off on Magazine Street. Have brunch at the Ruby Slipper Cafe and explore the many shops lining Magazine street.

Next, admire the beautiful houses in the Garden District. Some famous houses to see are the home of Anne Rice and the filming location for American Horror Story Coven.

Book a cemetery tour to see the famous cemeteries of New Orleans. Due to the swampy terrain, graves are buried above ground which makes for a unique sight to see.

After you’ve covered the garden district, head on over to Frenchmen street for dinner and drinks.

Day 3

Your last day in NOLA! Begin with a fancy jazz brunch. I recommend Commander’s Palace, Court of Two Sisters, or Broussards. Be sure to make a reservation in advance.

New Orleans Itinerary

We opted for Broussards, as it was suggested by a local. It was incredible!

Spend your last day back in the french quarter. Walk Bourbon Street and explore some of the hole-in-the-wall bars. Be sure to have a drink at the Dungeon!

After eating a scrumptious dinner at Gallier’s, go to Fritzel’s Jazz Club for an enchanting performance that captures New Orleans perfectly.

Have an Awesome Time in NOLA!

That concludes the most epic 3-day New Orleans Itinerary covering all the highlights and my personal favorite stops.

New From the Blog

New From the Blog

The Best 1 Week Itinerary for Morocco

The Best 1 Week Itinerary for Morocco

The city, beach, and desert all in 7 days make for the BEST 1-week Itinerary for Morocco. If you are wanting to have the time of your life in Morocco and stay within a budget, this guide is perfect for you.

7 days in Morocco
Just saying “Morocco”, I can nearly smell the mint tea and hear the snake charming music erupt from Marrakesh’s main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa. Morocco is one of the most magical places I have explored.

Planning your trip.

Perhaps I seem dramatic, but it was absolutely a trip of a lifetime. However, to make this trip memorable, it did take quite a bit of research. If you could take any bit of information from this post, it is these 3 words right here:


Now read that one more time, and register it. The most common mistake I hear is people get stuck riding in between destinations nearly their entire trip because they didn’t study the distance between them. Even if you really narrow your trip down, you will likely be riding in a car for quite a while. This trimmed-down itinerary will have you in the car for about 23 hours total throughout your week trip.

Morocco is safe to travel.

I hope hearing this can put your mind at ease. My best friend and I traveled to Morocco together, without a man, and we were both twenty-one. I have felt more unsafe in hostels in London than in the streets of Morocco.

Tips on safe travel in Morocco:

Here are some extra precautions I take while not just traveling in Morocco, but really anywhere.

  • Carry your bag in front of you, and/or secure locks on your bags. Little children are the ones you have to especially look out for in Morocco. They are smart, quick, and incredibly adorable!
  • Men WILL come up and catcall you. Most of the time they are harmless, just annoying.
  • Set yourself a curfew. We actually didn’t do this, some of our Riad’s enforced an 11pm curfew.
  • Stay where people can see you. This is my #1 rule when traveling. There are lots of private tours offered in Morocco for cheap prices but perhaps opt for the group tours where you will be surrounded by a few other travelers.
  • Taxi travel. Establish a set price BEFORE you get into the taxi. All of our taxies were pre-booked before our trip. Meaning our Airbnb Riad’s had their own taxi arrangements set up for us, with a reasonable fare we agreed upon beforehand. Additionally, avoid putting your luggage in the trunk as you may not ever get it back.

Now let’s get to the fun part, building the best 1-week Itinerary for Morocco!

Day 1 – Arrive in Marrakesh

Marrakech - 7 days in Morocco
Jemaa el-Fnaa Square

Where to stay in Marrakesh – Airbnb Riad’s

Marrakesh is filled with some of the most beautiful accommodation options. A Riad is a traditional Moroccan home or palace with an interior courtyard/garden and most likely what you’ll be staying at during your trip. Many Riad’s are very nice, affordable, include a delicious breakfast, and offer transportation. A fantastic Riad I stayed at is available on Airbnb here if you are needing a recommendation for one. When searching for accommodations, I recommend you to find one near Jemaa el-Fnaa Square (the main square) and read reviews very thoroughly to be sure you are getting the best value.

Riad in Morocco 7 days in Morocco
the lobby of my Riad in Marrakesh.

Contact your Riad before your arrival, and ask if they can arrange pick up from the airport.

This is probably the best value in terms of convenience. Most Riad’s will offer this service to you before arrival. It is up to you to communicate with them in terms of time and airline tickets (they track the arrival). In my opinion, it was totally worth paying $25 in advance to have a taxi waiting for us. We knew we weren’t getting scammed and that the driver knew exactly where our Riad was.

After you get settled, take time to explore Marrakesh!

Be sure to pin your accommodation on your phone/map, or make sure it comes up on Google Maps. You WILL get lost in the Medina, and you’ll have to find your way back.

Day 2 – Marrakesh

Marrakesh is just one of those places you have to see. It is both chaotic and beautiful. While I loved my time in Marrakesh, it isn’t somewhere I would want to spend more than a day or two. The main things to do are shop at the markets, get lost in the Medina, and eat some awesome food. Which can all be achieved in 24-48 hours.

Marrakesh 7 days in Morocco
I am actually cringing in this pic because the man literally threw the monkey on me!
Marrakesh 7 days in Morocco
Marrakesh, Morocco

I am always starving after a full day of exploring! Our favorite restaurant in Marrakesh was Nomad. We went during the offseason, so I would recommend making reservations on their website if you can, it was very popular.

Where to eat in Marrakesh – Nomad Restaurant

Nomad was amazing. The atmosphere was relaxing, especially in comparison to the loud streets of Marrakesh. For dinner, I had the Vegetarian plate, which consisted of chickpea salad, tzatziki, avocado and barley with celery and sesame seeds. For dessert, I had the Ultra-rich chocolate cake. That chocolate cake was definitely one of the tastiest I’ve ever had, and I’m a girl who knows her chocolate!

Day 3 – Depart on your Sahara Desert Tour

This was the moment we had been waiting for … to ride camels and camp in the Sahara! Talk about a check-mark off the bucket list! We were so excited for this tour, we definitely looked like goons among our sophisticated European group members (who were so lovely). We were the annoying American girls who could not stop squealing every time we saw a dog or something cool, but boy did we embrace it! This tour alone packs in A LOT and deserves its own blog post. If you are considering taking a Sahara tour on your trip, click below to read an extensive breakdown of the tour.

The Ultimate Sahara Desert Tour (3 Days)

The first day of your Desert tour will be a lot of driving, mixed in with stops along the way at the Atlas Mountains, Kasbah Ait Ben Hadou, and Dades Valley.

Atlas Mountains 7 days in Morocco
Atlas Mountains
Aït Benhaddou 7 days in Morocco
Aït Benhaddou

Day 4 – Sahara Desert Tour

This will be the second day of your Sahara Desert tour, which will mainly include Dades Valley, Tinghr, and camping in the Sahara. Spending the night in the Sahara Desert was one of the most magical experiences. Dancing to the beat of the drums, stargazing with my best friend, and sledding down the dunes at midnight were just a few of the highlights.

Berber Home - Sahara Desert Tour
Berber Home – Sahara Desert Tour
Sahara Desert Tour 7 days in Morocco
Sahara Desert Tour
Natalie & Camel

Day 5 – Back on the road to Marrakesh

Sadly, this is the last day of the Sahara Desert Tour. You will be completely exhausted and get back into Marrakesh around 7 pm. At this point, you could get a taxi from Marrakesh and head to the next destination on this itinerary, Essaouira. Alternatively, you could spend one more night in Marrakesh. Neither option is right or wrong, however, if traffic is bad or something happens to where you don’t make your scheduled taxi to Essaouira that evening, you may be in a bind. If you could get a taxi for 9 or 10 pm to allow a bit of wiggle room, that may be ideal. We chose to spend one more night in Marrakesh just to be safe, however, we were so exhausted we ordered pizza and stayed in!

Day 6 – Essaouira

This beautiful beach town of Essaouira was something we nearly overlooked, as we read from many other travelers that it was best as a day trip, or not really worth seeing. We found this to not be true, we LOVED Essaouira. It’s a charming little fishing town, that was exactly what we needed to relax after the hustle of Marrakesh and the exhaustion of trekking through the desert. The trip to Essaouira is only 2 hours from Marrakesh, and absolutely worth the journey.


How to get from Marrakesh to Essaouira: Med Taxi Essaouira

The Med Taxi transport service was a complete weight lifted off our shoulders. Their prices are reasonable and they are fabulous at communicating. We communicated before or trip through WhatsApp, informing them of our dates and the transportation we needed. They took us to Essaouira and back to Marrakesh airport on our last day. Realistically, there are probably cheaper transport options you could find last minute, but they had great reviews, and we were really covering our bases to not get scammed. They were easy breezy and put our minds at ease having it booked beforehand.

Med Taxi price is 50 euros each way, total.

If you choose to not go with Med Taxi and use a different transport service, as always, be sure to confirm the price before getting into the taxi. Also, clarify that it is total and not per person.

Day 7 – Essaouira

Finish your trip relaxing on the beach or exploring Essaouira’s historic port. Don’t forget to snap a pic of the beautiful blue boats!

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is such a lovely town that requires it’s own in-depth guides. If you are lucky enough to fit this gem into your Morocco itinerary, you can peek my Essaouira Travel Guide and/or my Essaouira Pocket Guide. WiFi is spotty so I really do recommend downloading the free Pocket Guide to keep on your phone!

That concludes the Best 1-Week Itinerary for Morocco! If you are having any doubts about making the leap to this incredible country, I must urge you to go! Enter the country with an open-mind, respectfulness, and prepare to be totally amazed.

-Essaouira Travel Guide

-The Ultimate Sahara Desert Tour

-15 Photos that will Inspire you to go to Morocco

-Essaouira Pocket Guide

Essaouira Morocco – The Ultimate Travel Guide

Essaouira Morocco – The Ultimate Travel Guide

(updated 1/4/2022)

Essaouira is a fishing town located in the Western region of Morocco. Don’t overlook this charming port village during your time in Morocco, it is truly a gem!

Essaouira Morocco travel guide

Get the FREE Esaouira Pocket Guide HERE

My Essaouira Essentials


How to get to Essaouira – MED Taxi

There are a few different transport options.

Essaouira does have an airport. Alternatively, you can find transport services from major cities such as Marrakesh. MED Taxi, which was 50 euros each way, is my preferred taxi service.

Med Taxi even lets you stop along the road when you see something totally insane, like this…

Essaouira Morocco
goats in a tree

Where to stay

I booked “Dar Skala Essaouira” Airbnb, which was fantastic. Our host, Jorge, greeted us warmly upon arrival and gave us a map along with tips for the best experience during our time here.

Here are more amazing options on where to stay in Essaouira:

Luxury – Hôtel Le Médina Essaouira Thalassa sea & spa 

Moderate – Riad Raoud Rayhan

Budget – Riad Orange Cannelle

Dar Skala BNB, Essaouira
Dar Skala BNB, Essaouira
Essaouira Morocco travel guide

Where to Eat – Gusto Italia & Triskala

Gusto Italia is not traditional Moroccan food, but offers some delicious Italian, which you may be craving after eating traditional Moroccan dishes all week!

Triskala is another fantastic option. This restaurant is beautifully decorated and offers tasty traditional Moroccan food.

What to do in Essaouira

We visited during December, and there were hardly any tourists. I assume during peak tourism, it’s quite busy during the day with all the day trip tours from Marrakech.

This is why I recommend spending 2 days here, so you get to explore it when it’s quieter in the evenings. Overall, it should be MUCH more low-key than Marrakech.

1. Explore the Port.

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

Exploring the port is one of the main things you’ll want to during your time in Essaouira. I would even suggest visiting during twice, both during the morning and late evening so you can get a glimpse of the morning craziness and the quiet nighttime.

2. Shop in the Medina.

The Medina of Essaouira is much more manageable than Marrakesh’s gigantic maze. It has a lot of similar things that you’ll find in the Marrakesh markets, only they will be cheaper!

The historical Essaouira Medina is listed as a UNESCO site.

Shopping tip – buy a Moroccan scarf! They are a cheap souvenir that you can pack easily in your luggage.

Essaouira Medina in Morocco

3. Watch the sunset on the beach.

Morocco truly has the most stunning sunsets. Laying on the beach watching the sun go down is the perfect way to end your trip.

Essaouira Morocco beach

Essaouira Beach

4. Get a traditional Hammam & Massage at Azur Spa

Book yourself a massage and traditional hammam to end your busy trip feeling relaxed. A traditional hammam is a classic cleansing technique of Middle Eastern culture.

Azur Spa was so beautiful! You’ll be greeted with delicious mint tea while you gaze at rose petals and fountains decorated throughout the lobby.

That concludes a perfect trip to the beautiful port town of Essaouira!

Essaouira was a stop that was nearly looked over when planning our itinerary. It’s really quite a gem of a town that is entirely different than the rest of Morocco. If you are looking for an experience that is both cultural and relaxing, this is the place for you.

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira Pocket Guide

The Ultimate Sahara Desert Tour

15 Photos that will Inspire you to Book a Trip to Morocco

New From the Blog

New From the Blog

3 Days in Dublin, Ireland

3 Days in Dublin, Ireland

Having only 3 Days in Dublin, Ireland can seem overwhelming in a city that offers so much! Dublin is full of beautiful sights, incredible food, and beer… lots and lots of beer!

Throughout my trips to Dublin, I’ve managed to narrow down the highlights so you can have an amazing jammed pack 3 Days in Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin in 3 Days

How To Spend 3 Days in Dublin, Ireland

Before we dive into how to successfully spend 72 hours in Dublin, I’ll quickly brief you on the geography of Dublin to help you better determine where you’ll want to stay.

The North and South parts of Dublin are divided by a bridge. The southside is significantly more touristy and expensive. The Northside I felt was more true to Dublin and more my style!

All of Dublin is very walkable, so do not worry about transportation. You can cross one end of the city to another in less than 45 minutes.


I’ve stayed at Jacobs Inn and Isaacs Hostels during my trips to Dublin. They are both wonderful options and honestly some of the nicest hostels I’ve ever stayed at. Both are located on the North-side, but very close to the bridge.

If hostels aren’t your thing, I recommend booking an Airbnb. Just make sure it’s located in the city of either the North or the South, and not somewhere where you’ll be stuck in the suburbs.


If you are staying at Jacob’s or Isaacs Hostels, I highly recommend participating in their hostel led pub crawl.

If pub crawls aren’t your style, one of my favorite bars/clubs in Dublin was one a local actually brought me too, and it’s called Sin é. This is definitely a place where the local’s hangout, and a great alternative if your not into tourist pub crawls. Sin é is located on the Northside.

Day 1

Start your day off with a free walking tour.

This is a cheap educational experience and it’s a great way to meet other travelers, especially when your solo! Although it says “free,” do not forget to tip your guide (I recommend tipping about $10 USD)

3 Days in Dublin

While you have someone who has extensive knowledge of the city, be sure to take advantage of that and get restaurant and entertainment recommendations – they will know best!

Book of Kells at Trinity College

After your free walking tour, visit Trinity College Book Of Kells Exhibition.

3 Days in Dublin Ireland

This is something you do not want to skip over while visiting Dublin. It doesn’t take much of your time, and the sight is absolutely stunning. Tours book up quickly, so I recommend buying your ticket in advance online.

After a full day of tours and sightseeing, I recommend just taking your time to walk around Dublin and enjoy the many pubs and live music.

3 Days in Dublin Ireland

Day 2 – Cliffs of Moher or Giant’s Causeway Tour

Unfortunately with only 3 days in a popular city, you just can’t do it all! Both the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway are fantastic tours that depart from Dublin and you will have to choose which one will best suit you.

3 Days in Dublin Ireland
The Cliffs of Moher
3 Days in Dublin Ireland
The Cliffs of Moher

I have done both tours and found that I enjoyed the Cliffs of Moher more. However, fog can heavily ruin your experience if it is blocking the cliffs, so it is a bit of risk. I booked both tours through Paddy Wagon and highly recommend them.

The driving distance is several hours to both destinations, but they do a great job by breaking it up with fun sights and stops along the way!

3 Days in Dublin Ireland
The Giant’s Causeway
3 Days in Dublin Ireland
The Dark Hedges

Day 3 – The National Gallery of Ireland and/ or Guinness Tour

The National Gallery of Ireland is located and Dublin and it is one of the most unexpected gems in the city.

3 Days in Dublin Ireland

I’ve visited art galleries all around Europe, and this is one of my favorites. The architecture and layout of the rooms are worth seeing itself. The best part of the gallery is, it’s free! Expect to spend about 3-4 hours at the gallery if you are a lover of art.

3 Days in Dublin Ireland

After the gallery, I recommend spending your last day in Dublin finishing up anything that you wanted to do.

Shopping, exploring, catching a movie, whatever you please! You could also do a very popular Guinness tour. I opted to not do this because I don’t really enjoy Guinness beer and it was just a bit overpriced for me.

3 Days in Dublin Ireland

That concludes a full 3 days of Dublin, Ireland

This itinerary was based on highlights of my own experiences in Dublin and can be switched around to accommodate your interests and time.

Although 3 days isn’t nearly enough time to explore this historic city, I think it’s the perfect amount of time to get a taste of what it has to offer. Enjoy your time in Dublin!