Best Restaurants in Bratislava – A Foodie’s Guide

Best Restaurants in Bratislava – A Foodie’s Guide

Looking for the best restaurants in Bratislava? Here is the perfect Bratislava restaurant guide for foodies.

Bratislava Restaurants

Bratislava is the trendy capital of Slovakia. Because it’s a capital city, there are loads of good food options all around.

In this Bratislava Restaurant Guide, we’ll be diving into everything from traditional Slovak restaurants, street food, coffee shops, and more.

Planning your trip to Bratislava? Check out my post on the Best Things to do in Bratislava Slovakia

Oh and don’t forget to take your free printable checklist with you on your travels!

things to do in Bratislava

Best Restaurants in Bratislava Slovakia

Traditional Food

Slovak Pub – The most popular restaurant in Bratislava for traditional Slovak food. Slovak Pub is located in the heart of the city and is famous for its unique interior and garlic soup.

FlagShip – Similar to Slovak Pub as it shares the same owner, but is slightly different in style and variety. Much like its sister restaurant, it has a unique interior as it’s located in an old ornate theater. Flagship is known for its halušky, sweet dumplings, and house-brewed beers.

Zylinder – Another great option for traditional food in Bratislava with an emphasis on Austrian-Hungarian empire-inspired dishes.


Rannô Ptáča – A way underrated breakfast spot in Bratislava. This was some of the best breakfast I’ve had in Europe. It reminded me of a classic American breakfast back home.

breakfast restaurants in bratislava

Urban House – A hipster breakfast spot in the center of the old town. Known for its pancakes and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

Mondieu – One of the most popular but also most expensive and touristy breakfast spots in Bratislava.


Black. – A simple concept with big flavors. This hipster coffee shop is one of my personal favorite spots for a steaming cup of joe.

Sweet Beans – A cute and quiet family-owned coffee shop in the center of the city.

Coffein Specialty – Light and airy coffee shop that is great for working on your laptop. Also serves brunch.

Quick Bites & Street Food

Grizzly Tacos – Tasty street tacos offering meat and vegetarian options. The guacamole is fantastic.

Quinsboro – Classic tasty burger joint located right in the center.

Foodstock – Delicious blend of Asian and vegetarian dishes.

Slovak Food to Trry

Halušky – Soft noodles or dumplings with creamy sheep cheese and topped with fried bacon.


Cabbage Soup (Kapustnica) – Traditional Slovak soup made with sauerkraut, smoked ham hock, sausage, mushrooms, and spices.

Potato Pancakes (Zemiakové Placky) – Shallow fried pancakes made out of potato.

Kofola – Slovak coca-cola.

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My 2021 Travel Recap

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Chernobyl Today – Devastating and Chilling Photos of Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl Today – Devastating and Chilling Photos of Chernobyl Today

This post is all about photos of Chernobyl today.

photos of Chernobyl

Chernobyl today looks a lot different than it did 30 years ago.

Once prosperous Ukrainian cities; Pripyat, Chernobyl, and surrounding areas were struck by the worst radioactive disaster in history.

In just three hours, over 49,000 people were evacuated from the city of Pripyat. Many were told they would be gone for just a few days. Decades later, they have yet to return.

While most towns in the Chernobyl exclusion zone are completely abandoned, the actual town of Chernobyl is considered only partially abandoned. Today, the land is occupied by a number of residents and workers,

In this photo journal of Chernobyl, you’ll have a glimpse at all parts of the exclusion zone, not just Chernobyl town.

Here are 21 Photos of Chernobyl Today

These photos of Chernobyl were taken in October 2021.

chernobyl tours photo
Hotel in Pripyat.
Chernobyl tour Kopachi
Abandoned kindergarten in the ghost village of Kopachi.
Chernobyl today
Newspaper inside a home in Zalissya
Kindgergarten in Kopachi
Pripyat Chernobyl tour
Ferris wheel in Pripyat.
Chernobyl tour reactor 4
Reactor 4 at Chernobyl Power Plant.
Grocery store in Pripyat
Kindergarten in Kopachi
chernobyl hospital
Inside the hospital of Zalissya
Chernobyl tour
Radar Duga-1 Chernobyl
Inside an apartment in Pripyat
Zalissya Chernobyl tour
Abandoned house in Zalissya
Pripyat entry sign
Interior of Zalissya hospital
Pripyat apartments
Inside a Pripyat apartment
Chernobyl tour
Chernobyl town

Interested in touring Chernobyl? Check out the official tour I took here and read about my experience here.

This post was all about photos of Chernobyl today.

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My 2021 Travel Recap

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The Best Things to do in Bratislava Slovakia

The Best Things to do in Bratislava Slovakia

This post is all about the best things to do in Bratislava Slovakia.

things to do in Bratislava

Bratislava is the gorgeous capital city of Slovakia. It sets along the Danube River between the borders of Austria and Hungary. The famous Old Town is filled with adorable coffee shops and bars. Bratislava is definitely worth a visit!

When to Visit Bratislava

Fall and Spring are the best time of year to visit. During these seasons, Bratislava’s temperature is comfortable and it’s not as crowded as summertime.

How Long to Stay

Bratislava is very small, and you can see everything in one day. However, I recommend staying 2-3 days to really soak in everything the city has to offer.

What to Wear

Dressing for Bratislava is easy! A maxi dress with fall tones would be perfect to match the cobblestone streets and historic architecture.

Be sure to bring a good pair of sneakers for hikes and walking tours.


Hotels in Bratislava

$$$ – Marrol’s Boutique Hotel 

$$ – Loft Hotel

$ – Safestay Hostel

Here’s a free Checklist for your trip so you don’t miss a thing!

Click here to download your free printable for your trip.

things to do in Bratislava

The Best Things to do in Bratislava

1. Take a Free Walking Tour

In only a few hours, you will see most of the highlights and learn the history of the city. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide!

2. Explore the Bratislava Castle

You can’t miss the iconic Bratislava Castle. Admire the castle from the outside or inside with a guided tour.

Click here for more info on touring the Bratislava castle.

things to do in Bratislava

3. Explore Old Town Bratislava

The charming old town is one of the city’s famous features. With its gothic and baroque style architecture and cobblestone streets, it looks straight out of a fairytale.

things to do in Bratislava

4. UFO Tower

The UFO tower is a clear statement piece of the city. Officially known as the Most SNP (Slovak National Uprising). For 7.50 euros, you can take an elevator to the top for a viewpoint.

things to do in Bratislava

5. Devin Castle

The second castle of Bratislava is located in the suburbs of Devin. Just a 30-minute ride from the bus station, you can reach the historic walls of Devin Castle.

things to do in Bratislava

6. Eat Traditional Slovak Food

Try traditional Slovak food like Halušky, Cabbage Soup, or Potato Pancakes. The best traditional food in the city is at Slovak Pub or Flagship.

things to do in Bratislava

7. Go Statue Spotting

The city is known for its friendly statues around the city. Many of them are tied to legends, where if you rub a certain part of the statue, you’ll have good luck!

things to do in Bratislava

8. Modry Kostol

Modry Kostol, also known as “the blue church” is a beautiful white and blue historic church located in the eastern part of the city.

9. Party at Goblin’s Pub

Have a beer and the time of your life partying at Goblin’s pub!

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New From the Blog

My 2021 Travel Recap

My 2021 Travel Recap

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41 Actually Good Gifts for the Woman Traveler

41 Actually Good Gifts for the Woman Traveler

This post is all about gifts for the woman traveler.

gifts for woman traveler

Finding the perfect gifts for a woman traveler can be tricky!

It’s essential to buy GOOD travel gifts because when you are traveling, there is no room for sub-par products.

Whether you are looking for useful travel gifts or cute travel-themed jewelry and decor, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 41 amazing gifts for the woman traveler that she will ACTUALLY use.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Travel Lipstick Kit

The only lipstick I will EVER wear. Luckily it comes in the perfect-sized travel kit. While this lipstick is a bit pricey, the quality is insanely good and is certified animal testing free.


2. Pandora Bracelet + Pandora Travel Charms

This is a creative travel gift for any woman traveler to remember some of her favorite destinations. It’s also a great gift to keep up with every year as you add charms to the bracelet!


3. The Perfect Carry-on Suitcase for Women

This trendy and durable Kensie brand Women’s luggage is the perfect 20-inch carry-on.


4. The Carry-on Cocktail Kit

The cutest traveler gift! An essential gift to help your traveler’s flight go a bit smoother.


5. Portable Charger

I never leave my house without this portable charger! It’s sleek so it doesn’t take up much room. Plus it holds a charge forever. Portable chargers are an absolute MUST for a woman traveler, especially if they are traveling solo.


6. A Super Cute Passport Cover

I’m obsessed with this pastel blue passport cover. It’s stylish and will help protect your traveler’s passport from any wear and tear.


7. The Best Travel Sandals

Shoes are the most underestimated travel item in everyone’s suitcase. It’s so important to have quality footwear, especially if you’re going to a destination that will require a lot of walking (anywhere in Europe!)


8. The Best Backpack for a Female Backpacker

My personal backpack, and the bag that I SWEAR by. I wouldn’t dare to use any other bag on my long backpacking trips.


9. Compression Packing Cubes

An essential for an organized traveler, These packing cubes will help keep everything in its place when you’re on the go! Be sure to get compression packing cubes to save maximum space in your luggage.


10. Filtering Water Bottle

Made by Brita, this stylish and safe water bottle is a wonderful travel gift.


11. Kindle Paperwhite

A kindle is a fantastic gift idea for the traveler who likes to read.


12. Travel Sized Perfume

While this is by no means essential, it’s so nice to have a little perfume on you when traveling. I’m obsessed with the Marc Jacobs travel-sized perfume bottles, and always keep one on me.


13. Packable Rain Jacket

This rain jacket is a lifesaver! It’s perfect for keeping travelers dry on those rainy days without taking up hardly any space in a bag.


14. My Favorite Travel Cleanser – The Ordinary

The facial cleanser I swear by! The Ordinary has so many size options with their products that you can get nearly any product they offer in travel sizes.


15. A Great Camera to Capture Stunning Travel Photos

This is my personal camera that I’ve had for years. It’s a mid-range professional camera that’s super easy to use.


16. Compact Toiletry Bag With a Hook

Toiletry bags are a must for a female traveler, especially one with a hook to prevent it from getting wet.


17. A Small Locket

Call me old fashion, but I’m still in love with lockets. It’s the perfect dainty gift for a traveler.


18. Microfiber Travel Towel

My personal favorite travel towel. Like the description says, you really can use it for everything. I ordered an X-Large so that I can use it as a shower and beach towel on my travels.


19. Travel Themed Books

These are some of the most popular travel books that your traveler will love.


20. Luggage Locks

Luggage locks are definitely an essential travel item and the perfect affordable gift. I always keep 2-3 of these luggage locks in my travel bag at all times.


21. Sunglases

A jet setter essential! Trendy sunglasses make wonderful gifts for a woman traveler.


22. Travel Journal

I never go anywhere without my journal. Journals make great gifts for a woman traveler to document their memories.


23. Quality Lip Balm

Traveling can dry the life out of your skin and chapped lips can be a pain. This is what I consider to be the best chapstick of all time.


24. Universal Travel Adapter

I call this the queen of all adapters! You never have to worry about which adapter matches the country you’re going to because it has it all! Plus 4 USB ports.


24. GoPro Hero 7

GoPro is the ultimate travel gift for an adventurous traveler. It’s perfect to capture underwater and sports photography, or even landscapes.


25. Anti-Theft Travelon Bag

This is the perfect sized anti-theft bag to carry when traveling. It’s big enough to hold a small laptop and a few other essentials.


26. Travel Tripod

If your traveler loves photography, this is the best travel tripod that won’t break the bank.


27. Quality Travel Bottles Set

It can be difficult finding refillable travel bottles that aren’t insanely cheap. These quality leak-proof bottles are great for travelers to bring their favorite hair, skin, and soap products.


28. Silk Pillowcase

Okay, this may not be the most “essential travel item” but sometimes it’s a real deal-breaker for travelers. A silk pillowcase can ensure maximum comfort in an unfamiliar place.


29. World Map Wall Tapestry

A way for your traveler to be reminded of the world, even when they’re stuck at home.


30. Leggings With Pockets

Listen, leggings with pockets are all the rage. We love clothing that’s practical AND comfortable.


31. Travel Scrapbook

The Pixar movie UP has been a long-time obsession of mine. This adorable “Our Adventure Book” is perfect for travelers with companions.


32. Travel Jewelry Organizer

I certainly have been a victim of my favorite jewelry getting jumbled together. This organizer is great for a trendy traveler always on the go.


33. Polaroid Camera

Polaroids are such a creative and fun way to remember your most favorite travel memories.


34. Cute Luggage Tags

Help prevent luggage that could be lost forever with these beautiful luggage tags.


35. Laptop Case

For the techy traveler that can’t leave their laptop at home (like me!) A durable laptop case is so important, and makes a super cute gift!


37. Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame is perfect for a traveler so they can show off all their travel photos.


38. Silk Sleep Mask

This sleep mask makes the perfect gift for a woman traveler whose a light sleeper on long-haul flights.


39. Personal Alarm Keychain

A miniature alarm is a great gift for any solo traveler. I personally use one and it makes me feel a bit more comfortable walking by myself at night.


40. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List Book

A stunning and wanderlust-filled coffee table book featuring the most incredible destinations in the world.


41. Travel Hair Brush

The perfect travel hairbrush can be hard to find. This detangling expert brush is small and easily packable.


Looking for amazing travel outfits? Check out my favorite Nashville Outfits or Vegas Outfit Ideas.

This post was all about gifts for the woman traveler.

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New From the Blog

My 2021 Travel Recap

My 2021 Travel Recap

For me, 2021 was one of my biggest years of travel. Sitting in my house for over a year (just like the rest of the world) made me want to go anywhere and everywhere I could think of! The second I got that COVID vaccine, I started booking flights like crazy. I was…

Chernobyl Tour – The Best Value Chernobyl Tour from Kiev

Chernobyl Tour – The Best Value Chernobyl Tour from Kiev

This post is all about the best Chernobyl tour.

Are you looking for the best Chernobyl tours?

Exploring a ghost town is one thing, but touring the sight of the worst radioactive disaster in history is another.

That’s why it’s so important to pick the BEST Chernobyl tour.

When to Go

There is no wrong time to visit Chernobyl. However, I think early fall or spring is a perfect time.

Most of the tour is outdoors, so the winter may be too cold. Additionally, it is required to dress completely covered so your skin is not showing, so the summer months will be a bit warm.

What to Wear on Chernobyl Tours

As I just mentioned, it is required to cover your skin to minimize your contact with radiation.

You’ll want to wear long sleeves, tight long pants, and closed-toe shoes. Also, the tour is long and requires quite a lot of walking. Be sure to dress comfortably.

Chernobyl Essentials


Plannng your trip to Ukraine?

Here’s the Ultimate Kiev Checklist FREE printable for you to take along on your epic adventure.

best things to do Kiev

Which Chernobyl tour should you book?

The tour company I used and was most recommended is Chernobyl Tour. Click here for their official website and where to book.

Chernobyl Tour has collaborated with some of the most prestigious companies, including the Chernobyl HBO series.

Chernobyl Tour Costs

I took a 1-day tour for $99 USD. This is the most popular tour.

They also offer 2 & 5-day tours for additional costs.

Length of tours

The 1-day tour from Chernobyl Tour is about twelve hours long.

We departed Kiev at 8 am and arrived back in town shortly after 8 pm.

It’s best to not plan anything for the rest of your day because times vary on the police checkpoints in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

What you need to know

-Bathrooms are few and far between. Ladies should bring toilet paper and prepare to squat in the woods. You will have to ask your tour guide which spots are safe to go.

-Pack lunch, snacks, and water because there are hardly any stops.

-If you wander off, your guides will leave you.

Exploring the Excusion Zone

The “exclusion zone” is a designated area surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In total, it’s 30 kilometers (19 miles) in radius and covers the areas with the highest radiation.

In order, here are the places you will visit in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

Checkpoint 1

The first stop on your tour will be a checkpoint entering the 30-kilometer buffer zone. You will have a quick restroom stop and time to grab a snack or coffee at the checkpoint kiosk.


Your first glimpse of the abandoned structures of Chernobyl is the abandoned Ukrainian village, Zalissya.

Once home to over 3,000 residents that were required to leave due to the Chernobyl disaster.

Zalissya Chernobyl tour

Checkpoint 2

Your third stop on your Chernobyl tour will be yet another checkpoint – get used to this! You’ll be entering the 10-kilometer radius at this checkpoint. Be sure to get any last-minute water, snacks, and bathroom breaks in because this is the last checkpoint for several hours.

Radar Duga-1 – Chernobyl

After you pass the checkpoint, your fourth stop will be Radar Duga 1, which was the massive radar system that operated as an early-warning missile network.

Chernobyl tour


The fifth stop on your tour will be an abandoned kindergarten in the village of Kopachi. This kindergarten is located on the road Pripyat and Chernobyl.

Chernobyl tour Kopachi


After Kopachi, you’ll stop at the place that started it all – the Chernobyl power plant.

You’ll see reactor four, which is now housed under a 2.1 billion dollar dome as of 2018. Across the road, you’ll notice the other reactors part of the complex and massive power plant.

Chernobyl tour reactor 4


Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting stops on the entire tour.

Pripyat is an entire ghost city that once had a population of 49,360 residents. All residents were evacuated in just 3.5 hours and thought they would only be gone for three days, but of course, they never returned.

Pripyat Chernobyl tour


The final stop on your Chernobyl tour is none other than the nearly abandoned town of Chernobyl.

Despite the risks, several thousand people actually live and work in Chernobyl town, which is why it’s considered “partially abandoned”.

Chernobyl tour

Enjoy the Ultimate Chernobyl Tour Experience

I hope this post helps you feel more educated and know what to expect upon booking your Chernobyl tour! I felt like I went into my tour totally in the dark and would have rather been more prepared.

Overall, I would highly recommend this experience and tour company for the ultimate (and safe) Chernobyl experience.

Ios Greece Best Kept Secrets- The Ultimate Ios Travel Guide

Ios Greece Best Kept Secrets- The Ultimate Ios Travel Guide

This post is all about Ios Greece Travel.

Ios Greece is a stunning island located in the Cyclades between Santorini and Naxos.

After staying two weeks in Ios Greece, I discovered the best-kept secrets and hidden gems of the island. Here is the ultimate Ios Greece travel guide.

Ios Island Greece Travel Guide

ios greece what to do

When to Visit

The best time to visit is June to early September. Businesses start to shut down when the tourist season ends, so be sure to plan your trip before the second week of September.

How Long to Stay

3 days is the perfect amount of time in Ios.

What to Wear

The weather during peak season is hot, so pack light and airy clothing. Towards late August/early September it can get quite windy, so consider bringing a jacket.

Shop My Ios Greece Essentials


Where to Stay

Luxury – Liostasi Hotel & Suites

Luxury – Calilo

Moderate – Ios Resort

Moderate – Ios Palace Hotel

Budget – Far Out

Budget – Francesco’s

The Ultimate Ios Greece Checklist

If you’re wanting to have the most memorable trip, then you’ll want to take the Ultimate Ios Greece Checklist with you!

Where to Explore

The Chora

The Chora

Chora (pronounced hor-ah) means the main town or village. This is the main area of Ios where you will find the best dinner spots, shopping, and nightlife. While it’s nice to explore during the day, the Chora comes to life at night around 8 pm. You will spend most of your evenings here!

Mylopotas Beach

Mylopotas is where to spend your day before heading up the Chora. It’s the perfect place to sunbathe and grab an iced latte or fresh orange juice. There are lots of cafes, shops, and brunch spots.

The Port

While most of the time you will likely be exploring the Chora or Mylopotas, there are some nice restaurants and hotels near the port.

Best Beaches

There are literally dozens of beaches in Ios. Here are the best beaches accessible by foot or ATV;

Mylopotas Beach

Mylopotas Beach

The most popular beach in Ios in terms of accessibility, beauty, and comfort. It’s a 20-minute walk from the Chora or a short drive or bus ride. It has rows of restaurants, cafes, lounge chairs, and shops

Maganari Beach

Taking the bus to Maganari from the town center is a MUST. Maganari is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Ios. It’s quieter, and the beach and water are just stunning.

Kolitsani Beach

Perhaps a beach for the more…adventurous! Kolitsani is an optional nude beach located halfway between the Chora and Maganari Beach.

Where to Eat Dinner

The Mills – Ios, Greece


Mills is a family-owned traditional greek tavern located at the top of the Chora, right next to the windmills. This was my favorite restaurant by far in Ios.


Another fantastic greek traditional tavern is located in the center of the Chora.


Katogi is a trendy tapas restaurant in the center of the Chora. The space is small and popular, so make a reservation.

Best Brunch Spots



This is a great cheap and quick grab-and-go brunch when you’re eager to start your day!

Cantina Del Mar

This was my favorite sit-down brunch spot. The food and portions were fantastic and it has a beautiful view of Mylopots beach.


Harmony sits on the opposite side of Mylopotas. It’s the perfect spot to get an acai bowl and even take part in their yoga on certain weekdays.


Best Cocktails

-Click Cocktail Bar



Live Music


Bars & Clubs


-The Slammer

-Sweet Irish Dream

-Fun Pub (karaoke)

Best Things to do in Ios Greece

Ios may be a small island, however, there is loads to do! Here are the top things to do on Ios island, Greece.

ios greece travel

1. Maganari beach

This is one of the top things to do on the island. The best way to get to Maganari is to take the public bus right outside the Chora in the town center. It’s 7.50 euros roundtrip and departs from noon and returns at 5pm. Maganari is a must-see!

maganari ios greece

2. Rent ATV’s and explore the island

Renting a car or ATV for a day is the perfect way to see what the whole island has to offer.

3. Book a boat tour

If you’re itching to see some of Ios’s most remote beaches, book an Ios boat tour.

boat tours ios greece

4. Visit Homer’s Tomb

Located in the northern part of Ios near the beach of Plakotos, visit the tomb of one of the greatest poets of all time.

5. Explore the Chora.. day and night!

Wander through the stunning quiet streets of the Chora during the day (and take some photos!) Then, at night experience the village really comes to life. Be sure to go bar hopping at the many bars the town has to offer.

ios greece

6. Odysseus Elythis Theater

Exerpience the historic open-air theater of Ios.

7. Watch the Sunset at Ios Sunset Club

Ios Sunset Club is a centrally located and affordable cocktail club to watch the incredible sunsets in Ios.

ios greece

8. Spend an evening at Pathos Club

Have an evening at the most impressive cocktail clubs in Ios. Be sure to stay for the sunset!

9. Relax at Mylopotas Beach

A beach that you can spend the whole day at lounging around drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice.

ios greece

This post was all about Ios Greece Travel.

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New From the Blog

My 2021 Travel Recap

My 2021 Travel Recap

For me, 2021 was one of my biggest years of travel. Sitting in my house for over a year (just like the rest of the world) made me want to go anywhere and everywhere I could think of! The second I got that COVID vaccine, I started booking flights like crazy. I was…