Best Restaurants in Bratislava – A Foodie’s Guide

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Looking for the best restaurants in Bratislava? Here is the perfect Bratislava restaurant guide for foodies.

Bratislava Restaurants

Bratislava is the trendy capital of Slovakia. Because it’s a capital city, there are loads of good food options all around.

In this Bratislava Restaurant Guide, we’ll be diving into everything from traditional Slovak restaurants, street food, coffee shops, and more.

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Best Restaurants in Bratislava Slovakia

Traditional Food

Slovak Pub – The most popular restaurant in Bratislava for traditional Slovak food. Slovak Pub is located in the heart of the city and is famous for its unique interior and garlic soup.

FlagShip – Similar to Slovak Pub as it shares the same owner, but is slightly different in style and variety. Much like its sister restaurant, it has a unique interior as it’s located in an old ornate theater. Flagship is known for its halušky, sweet dumplings, and house-brewed beers.

Zylinder – Another great option for traditional food in Bratislava with an emphasis on Austrian-Hungarian empire-inspired dishes.


Rannô Ptáča – A way underrated breakfast spot in Bratislava. This was some of the best breakfast I’ve had in Europe. It reminded me of a classic American breakfast back home.

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Urban House – A hipster breakfast spot in the center of the old town. Known for its pancakes and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

Mondieu – One of the most popular but also most expensive and touristy breakfast spots in Bratislava.


Black. – A simple concept with big flavors. This hipster coffee shop is one of my personal favorite spots for a steaming cup of joe.

Sweet Beans – A cute and quiet family-owned coffee shop in the center of the city.

Coffein Specialty – Light and airy coffee shop that is great for working on your laptop. Also serves brunch.

Quick Bites & Street Food

Grizzly Tacos – Tasty street tacos offering meat and vegetarian options. The guacamole is fantastic.

Quinsboro – Classic tasty burger joint located right in the center.

Foodstock – Delicious blend of Asian and vegetarian dishes.

Slovak Food to Trry

Halušky – Soft noodles or dumplings with creamy sheep cheese and topped with fried bacon.


Cabbage Soup (Kapustnica) – Traditional Slovak soup made with sauerkraut, smoked ham hock, sausage, mushrooms, and spices.

Potato Pancakes (Zemiakové Placky) – Shallow fried pancakes made out of potato.

Kofola – Slovak coca-cola.

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