About Me

Hi, I’m Natalie, thanks for stopping by!

How to cure the travel bug at home

Welcome to my blog of never-ending travel nonsense. I’m totally flattered that anyone would take the time to read “about me.” Since you’re here, let me properly introduce myself. 

My name is Natalie and I’m from the grand old town of Springfield, Missouri, USA. It’s a mid-sized city in Midwestern America, but it’s anything but mediocre. Springfield is known as “the birthplace of Route 66”, the invention of cashew chicken, the world’s largest fork, and hometown of the lovely Brad Pitt.

Although my roots are in the Midwest, my heart is a little all over the place. I’m obsessed with places I have never been, and I’ve left parts of myself in countries all over the world. You could say this blog is my gigantic love letter to the earth, and all the special places and people I’ve met along the way.



How to cure the travel bug at home

My real life.

As much as I would love to say all I do is travel 24/7 and eat fruit in exotic locations on the daily, it’s just not true.

I’m a recent graduate from film school, and I would ultimately love to blend my passions for film, writing, and travel. 

From a young age, I think movies really sparked my curiosity for exploring the world.

I wanted to be like Lizzie McGuire – gallivanting through Rome on a moped with my Paolo and instantly becoming an Italian popstar!

While my travel reality is vastly different than a Disney Channel movie, (more like skipping meals, getting bedbugs, and missing flights), there is truly never a dull moment.

My Purpose

 During my early years of college, I had this overwhelming urge to see more of the world. I felt entirely ignorant on other cultures and world affairs. As an artist, I felt responsible to accurately represent people and places within my art, which felt impossible considering I knew nothing about the world. So, I packed a backpack and embarked on a 4-month solo backpacking trip. Ever since, my urge to learn more has only grown.

My purpose for this blog, is to encourage others to break out of their comfort zone. Traveling doesn’t have to be scary, or expensive. I’m your ultimate hype girl to tell you – you can do it, and here’s how. 


My Favorite Travel Memories ↓