3 Important Study Abroad Tips

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Are you planning on studying abroad? You are going to have a fantastic experience!

Read these 3 Important Study Abroad Tips before you embark on your adventure.

3 Study Abroad Tips

The opportunity to study abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll remember forever. It’s totally normal to be super nervous (and excited) about this adventure!

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3 Important Study Abroad Tips

Through my study abroad experience, I found these 3 key (and often overlooked) tips essential to my success during my time studying abroad.

3 Study Abroad Tips

1. Spend Quality Time in your Study Abroad City.

Not spending much time in my study abroad city was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I made during my study abroad experience! Coming from America and studying abroad in the UK, the budget flights across Europe were like my own personal playground. Every weekend, I was off to explore another country.

3 Days Sahara Desert Tour

Remember that you likely will get to travel quite a bit more in the future, but this is probably the only time you’ll actually get to LIVE abroad somewhere.

Spend this time getting to know the locals. Join a community club, visit the farmers market, go to local events.

2. Join a Club at School.

Joining a club at your university abroad is a great way to meet new people. You’ll be surprised at the variety of clubs offered at most universities!

Fairytale City of England

I personally joined a Disney movie club. A few times a month we would watch a Disney movie and sometimes have dinners together and this allowed me to meet a lot of new friends.

3. Stock up on Medications Before you Leave.

This is probably the most important piece of advice I could give you! Be sure to stock up months worth of medications, contraceptives, favorite supplements, vitamins, etc. before you leave.

3 Study Abroad Tips

Don’t assume that you will have easy access to these things in your country abroad. Even if you do, the medication may be slightly different and it’s just NOT something you want to deal with while you’re enjoying your time abroad.

Also, something to consider is bringing vitamins and supplements with you, even if you don’t typically take them. Depression and seasonal depression can be super common during your first time abroad and away from your friends and family.

Enjoy your Study Abroad Adventure!

I could fill my whole blog with study abroad advice, but I figured I would narrow down my top 3 biggest tips! For more study abroad advice, check out my post Things to Consider Before You Study Abroad.

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  1. I can’t agree more with spending time in your chosen city, that’s a trap I’ve fallen into before. Living abroad I was too busy visiting other places to always appreciate where I was

  2. These are great tips! I’ve never lived abroad but I can see how tempting it could be to spend all of your time visiting new places and never immersing yourself fully in your new home! In fact, though I’ve lived in the same area all of my life, I’ve only recently started exploring it fully as a result of lockdown. It’s so easy to take what we have on our own doorsteps for granted when there is a whole world to explore! Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    1. Hi Hannah, same for me! I feel like this past year I’ve really forced myself to be a tourist in my own city (which I’ve really enjoyed) I think it’s easy to take your home for granted whether you’re in your home country or living abroad.

  3. Great study abroad tips! So important! I love that you’re sharing your mistakes and hopefully encourage others to not make the same!

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