Morocco is one of my favorite destinations I’ve ever been to! After all, what’s not to love about it? Morocco offers the bliss of the Sahara, the bustle of the city, and the calmness of the sea. If you need convincing on why you need to take a trip to Morocco, look no further! Here are some photos to inspire you to book a trip to this beautiful country.

1. Marrakesh

Sunset in the very center of Marrakesh/ Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fna square. This square is a taste of the very essence of Moroccan culture. You can expect to enjoy fresh smoothies while you walk to the beat of drums as charmed snakes dance around you. Jemaa el-Fna square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Marrakech, Morocco

2. The Sahara Desert

One of the most stunning natural sights in the world.

Sahara Desert, Morocco
Sahara Desert

3. Essaouira

Essaouira is a sleepy fishing town that lies in the Western region of Morocco. Consider taking a short two-hour taxi ride from Marrakech. I recommend spending two days here, this charming town deserves more than a day trip.


4. Tinghir

Learning about traditional Berber carpentry.

Berber Home - Sahara Desert Tour
Berber Home – Sahara Desert Tour

5. Aït Benhaddou

Take a walk through the ancient city of Aït Benhaddou. Another UNESCO site to add to your list!

Aït Benhaddou

6. Kisses for the camel!

I just had to say my thanks to my camel that I rode in the Sahara.

3 Days Sahara Desert Tour
The Sahara Desert

7. Your tuk-tuk awaits.

Marrakesh, Morocco

8. Captain, Oh Captain!


9. Explore Dades Valley

Dades Valley is comprised of rugged gorges carved out by the Dadès River in Morocco. The river originates in the High Atlas range of the Atlas mountains.

Dades Valley, Morocco
Dades Valley

10. Camel Squad!

Camel Squad in the Sahara
Camel Squad in the Sahara

11. When visiting Morocco, a dramatic desert selfie is a must!

12. Learn about the beautiful Berber carpets.

Berber people are indigenous communities that live across Northern Africa. Berber’s have their own language and are made up of different races and nationalities.

Berber Home - Sahara Desert Tour
Berber Home – Sahara Desert Tour

13. View ancient city landscapes

How can you not feel like Indiana Jones when you come across landscapes like this?!

Aït Benhaddou

14. Adventure to the top of Aït Benhaddou

Aït Benhaddou

15. Capture the blue boats of Essaouira


3 Day Sahara Desert Tour

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