These Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World Will Chill You to the Bone

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This post is all about the top 10 most haunted places in the world.

Our world is filled with mysterious and eerie locations that have captured the imaginations of thrill-seekers, paranormal enthusiasts, and curious travelers alike.

From ancient castles shrouded in centuries of dark history to abandoned asylums echoing with ghostly whispers, these places have earned their reputation as the top 10 most haunted places in the world.

1. The Island of the Dead Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas)

Haunted Places in the World
photo credit: orvananosphoto

First on our list of Top 10 Haunted Places in the World, is an entire island taken over by dolls… yikes!

Island of the Dead Dolls is located in between the canals of Xochimilco, just south of Mexico City.

The story is grim: The caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, reportedly found a little girl who had drowned in the water. Days later, he found a doll floating in the water, which he assumed belonged to the little girl.

Barrera hung the doll up on a tree as a sign of respect for the girl. Haunted by her death, he continued to collect dolls and hang them from the trees in an attempt to please her spirit. 50 years later, Barrera drowned in the same spot where the girl was said to be found.

Reports claim that Barrera was driven mad due to his solitude on the island, and hallucinated the death of the little girl.

Haunted Places in the World
photo credit: orvananosphoto

2. Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital

Haunted Places in the World
photo credit: ajjathar

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital was built in 1898 and is located in Beelitz, Germany. It was used as a care facility until 1930 mainly for those who suffered from tuberculosis or other severe lung diseases.

During the First World War, it shifted to serve as a field hospital. It’s notorious for treating a young soldier by the name of Adolf Hitler who was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Somme.

Most of the hospital has been completely abandoned since 1994, with the exception of a small section that continues to be used for Parkinson’s Research.

The hospital was also a filming location for Roman Polanski’s film The Pianist (2002).

Haunted Places in the World
Photo credit: Jürgen Glüe

3. Hallstatt, Austria

Ironically, number three on our Top 10 Haunted Places in the World list is deemed one of the most “Instagrammable Places in the World.”

However, I couldn’t help but notice an eerie vibe and feel totally haunted by the town’s history. Perhaps it’s because I visited during the fall (which I totally recommend!) but I think the photos speak for the spooky feels.

Day trip to Hallstatt Austria

The Skulls of Hallstatt

Long ago, old burial grounds were discovered. They were dug up, cleaned out, and replaced with new remains. Unfortunately, Hallstatt is so small, there just isn’t enough room to bury everyone.

A thousand remains are on display in this cave and decoratively painted with dates and names. Although creepy and even questionable depending on your own culture, I loved the thought of remains decorated as a tribute to one’s life.

I’m not going to lie, we walked past a house on a hill and when we peeked inside the window, there were skulls just sitting on a table… We were totally freaked! Hallstatt is beautiful and spooky.

4. Hoia-Baciu Forest

“The Bermuda Triangle of Romania”

Haunted Places in the World
Photo Credit: Ioan Pan

Ghosts, missing people, and UFOs – Oh my! The Hoia-Baciu Forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania is labeled “the most haunted forest in the world.”

Reports have been made of green glowing eyes, little girls screaming, and silver disks flying in the sky. Some believe that the forest is haunted by those who lived in the forest long ago. There is evidence of people who lived in the forest dating back to 6500 B.C. which makes it the oldest settlement in Romania.

One of the many legends is, that a young girl entered the forest and reemerged from the woods five years later unable to remember anything. Some tourists claim that they feel as if they are being watched or followed. Others report that they leave the forest with unexplained bruises and marks on their body.

The forest is only about a 20-minute taxi ride from the city of Cluj-Napoca. There are guided tours of the forest or paths that visitors can walk …at their own risk, of course. It is heavily advised that tourists only stick to the paths that have been paved and not venture off into the wooded areas.

photo credit: Dennis Eads

5. The Clown Motel

photo credit: R. Miller

The Clown Motel is located in the historic town of Tonopah, Nevada. Awarded as “America’s Scariest Hotel,” this place will surely give you the heebie-jeebies! Since the Old Tonopah Cemetery is practically located in the parking lot of this hotel, clowns aren’t the only ones keeping you company…

The hotel was built in 1985 in honor of the owner’s father, who died in the Belmont Mine Fire and is now buried in the Tonopah cemetery located next door. After the owner’s father passed, over 100 clowns were found in his basement. The Clown Motel was built in his honor.

Haunted Places in the World
photo credit: Keith P

The hotel features over two thousand clowns perfectly placed throughout the thirty-one rooms on the property. Would you stay in a room filled with clowns AND ghosts!?

6. Hill of Crosses

photo credit: @real.worldphotography

The Hill of Crosses is located in northern Lithuania. Since the 14th century, crosses have been placed on this hill as a symbol of Lithuania’s independence and to remember the rebels who died after the peasant uprising of 1831.

There are over 100,000 crosses! Many legends are associated with this hill – one being, that a church that once stood here was struck by lightning and completely buried under sand in a terrible storm (along with everyone in it).

photo credit: @real.worldphotography

7. The Cecil Hotel

The Deadliest Hotel in Los Angeles.

The Cecil Hotel is located in Los Angeles, California, and has now been rebranded as a hostel called The Stay on Main Hotel. The Cecil has a very long extensively dreadful history that will chill you to the bone.

photo credit: @itzalexjay

The Cecil was built by William Banks Hanner in 1924 as a snazzy Beaux Arts-style hotel aimed to attract tourists, businessmen, and social elites. Unfortunately, its bumpy beginning was hit heavily by The Great Depression that followed in 1925, just shortly after the grand opening. The area where the hotel stands quickly became known as Skid Row.

At least sixteen known murders have taken place at this hotel, and even more suicides and unexplained mysteries have followed. The Cecil also unknowingly has housed serial killers such as Richard Ramirez (the “Night Stalker”) and Jack Unterweger.

One of the most infamous murders that took place at this hotel is the mysterious and gruesome death of young actress Elizabeth Short, also known as The Black Dahlia.

8. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island and mainland commune in France on the border of Brittany and Normandy.

The structure is haunted by Lord Louis d’Estouville, who commanded the slaughter of two thousand Englishmen during the Hundred Years War. The legend has it that the sand was red, stained with the blood of the Englishmen.

I had the opportunity to tour Mont-Saint Michel and I can vouch for the eerie feeling you experience while walking about the island and the Abbey. I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that someone was always watching me, even when I was completely alone.

9. St. Augustine Lighthouse

photo credit: @plur_ninja_

Located in St. Augustine, Florida this lighthouse has been guiding ships to shore since 1874.

One of the many stories that haunt this lighthouse is the chilling true story of a man, who was overseeing construction, and lost two of his children in a drowning incident that occurred when the lighthouse was being built.

Another spooky tale that haunts this structure, is a worker who fell 60ft to his death while painting the lighthouse.

Haunted Places in the World
photo credit: ronaldgarciabendamio

10. The Stanley Hotel

Haunted Places in the World

Last on our list of 10 Most Haunted Places in the World, is the iconic Stanley Hotel – Located in Estes Park, Colorado, USA.

Do you recognize this famous hotel from one of your favorite classic horror movies? That’s right, The Stanley Hotel is the inspiration and filming location for the iconic movie starring Jack Nicholson, The Shining.

Author Stephen King and his wife checked into the hotel one cold winter night as the only guests just as it was preparing to close down for the season. He had a dream of his young running down the hallway in terror, which was the initial spark for the wildly successful novel.

photo credit: abbeylucas_

It’s said that co-founder F.O. Stanley haunts the hotel and has been seen checking in guests at the front desk. Pianist Flora Stanley also makes an occasional ghostly appearance along with her haunting tunes.

Other strange occurrences have been reported such as items moving around with no explanation, eerie laughter, and strange shadowy figures lurking about.

Haunted Places in the World

Which one of these Haunted Places are you adding to the top of your travel list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I am scared of legit everything haha. I had no idea these places existed, I am BEYOND creeped out lol. Definitely sending this to some friends who enjoy thrills though!

  2. I would be too scared to stay at them. The Island of Dead Dolls, The former Tuberculosis Hospital and the Clown Hotel would particularly creep me out. We have a similar former TB Hospital in Louisville, KY and during Halloween they hold ‘Haunted Walks” through it. Eek!!

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